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Exotic whorehouse Hamburg where horny oriental three-hole whores seduce, suck stiff cocks, bang pussy or fuck bareback in the ass and get cum on the face

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From the early evening hours onwards, business in the sex clubs on Große Freiheit slowly increases, whereas the flow of customers in the neighboring whorehouses continues more steadily. In brothels with bars, the customer must first generate sales at the bar before being allowed to enter the room to have sex with a prostitute.

The sophisticated Cambodian hooker Dalika, alias Mimi, has already successfully ensnared one of the few customers. Twelve years she worked as a sex worker, also as a streetwalker, in beer bars on Walking Street in Pattaya and in brothels in Patpong in Bangkok-Bang Rak.

The Cambodian lady got the golden ticket to Central Europe and Hamburg by means of a generous farang, an aged john. The dude fucked all sorts of hookers in the brothels and massage parlors of Bangkok and Pattaya. In the meantime, however, the former sex tourist has been overwhelmed by personal bankruptcy, to which the Cambodian beauty has contributed significantly. Today Mimi prostitutes herself at the sex club "Temptation" on Grosse Freiheit in Hamburg St. Pauli. Furthermore she works as incall whore in various sex apartments within the city area.

Dalika's Characteristics:

Age:33 years
Ethnicity:Southeast Asian with lighter skin color
Clothing size:XS
Height:167 cm (5 feet 6 inches)
Weight:57 kg (126 lbs)
Bust size:75 B
Shoe size:5.5
Hair:black, hip-length and smooth
Eye color:dark brown
Intimate area:partially shaved
Body jewelry:one big tattoo, belly button piercing
Languages:English, German, Khmer, Thai

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In the exotic cathouse in Sankt Pauli slurps slim Cambodian whore Mimi sparkling wine on account of a guest, while massaging his cock and balls skillfully

Sex from faraway Southeast Asia has been firmly anchored in the red light district of Hamburg St. Pauli for decades.
Experience exotic sex with prostitutes from Cambodia, Korea, Laos, the Philippines and Thailand in the red light district of Hamburg St. Pauli in the center with the Reeperbahn, the Große Freiheit or the Herbertstraße.

"Darling, I want another sparkling wine", the almond-eyed sex worker begs professionally, sends a wet kiss to the sponsor's demanding lips. The hooker presses her skinny, naked body with the tiny tits, the upright, swollen nipples, intimately against his bloated body.

She confidently feels the remarkable erection, the erect penis, between his fat thighs. The Bangkok woman from Cambodia skillfully tolerates the play of his hands on her shaved vagina. The willing to pay patron shamelessly fingers the slippery cunt with the clearly fleshy labia.

The slim prostitute with cute small tits seduces the dude in the Oriental brothel without hesitation, the voluptuous guy can't resist her attraction

"You had two bottles already! Don't you know that?", the fat guy notes with resignation. In the meantime, his huge right hand felt the moisture of her vagina with the accurately trimmed hair.
Recognizes the increasing truthful horniness. She lets herself be fingered in front of the bar counter in public, he could probably sink his hand into her pussy completely, fist her cunt, but he lacks the courage to do so.

Nevertheless he has far exceeded the threshold of rational resistance. The irrepressible lust of his flesh reigns over reason, in isolation he tries somehow to survive the crash cost-effectively.
"You don't like me anymore", she's outraged. The smart actress dissolves the physical contact in a displeased way. Demonstrates her disapproval with routine.
"All right! Boss, a new bottle of sparkling wine!", resigned the guy with the dirty fingers.

The horny lad actually pays the freelance entertainer in the exotic sex club a bottle of champagne

"Why don't you buy a big bottle champagne for your beautiful lady?", asks Siriporn sneakily. She runs the counter and is the manager. Demonstratively she puts a bottle of champagne Moët & Chandon right in front of his nose.

His jaw visibly drops: 'How can I avert this financial disaster?' Haunts his drunken brain. Time has already expired for this, because the penis and the balls between his legs determines the direction of thought.

The guy, despite being an experienced brothel visitor, made a tactical mistake: he paid by card! The first rule when visiting a whorehouse: always pay in cash! Why, you ask? First: Electronic money is easier to spend. With cash you can see how it disappears. Second: The hookers know this and are really motivated.

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The unrestrained Cambodian working woman unpacks his genitals, stiff cock and balls, from his pants in front of the counter

"A bottle of champagne is much cheaper than a small bottle of sparkling wine, darling! Then we can go up in a leisure room for an hour", explains the hooker ripped off. Her hands let his erection bloom again.

'Cheaper? What a fucking logic is that? Damn! One hundred and fifty bucks!', his head buzzes.
"Come on, darling!" she urges. In the meantime her skilful fingers have opened his trousers, his stiff fat white cock sticking out. His fat penis sticks out of the fly, the glans glistens bright red.

"I'll suck your cock bareback until you cum, darling! Afterwards I will enjoy and swallow every drop of your cum!" she whispers in his ear and pushes her wet tongue into his ear. Why announcing the consumption of male sperm has such a magical effect requires at least some explanation, but it seems to be an effective hooker tactic, because the guy then explains:

"All right, a big bottle of champagne," he sighs and wraps his genitals the rigid cock and the bulging balls in his pants.

The busty prostitute Sunisa starts her night shift at the Thai sex club in Sankt Pauli where only oriental whores from Cambodia, Laos and Thailand are working

There are some erotic establishments in Hamburg St. Pauli in which only exotic Asian women work as sexworkers.
Even though the heyday of the red light business in the Hanseatic harbor district seems to be long over, there are still a large number of whorehouses with only oriental Asian prostitutes in St. Pauli.

Sunisa's Characteristics:

Age:37 years
Preference:male, female and male couples
Ethnicity:Southeast Asian with dark brown skin color
Clothing size:M
Height:157 cm (5 feet 2 inches)
Weight:61 kg (134 lbs)
Bust size:85 D
Shoe size:5.5
Hair:black, waist-length and curly
Eye color:dark brown
Intimate area:completely shaved
Body jewelry:belly button piercing
Availability:sex club, outcall
Languages:German, Thai

Sunisa, a busty Thai sex worker with strikingly flawless white teeth and a smile that goes with them, is always looking to increase her profits. As a result, the prostitute also works in other cities, for example in a whorehouse in Berlin. She is currently entering the dwarfish bar room of the brothel and sex club Temptation. On the right, directly to the entrance door, the approximately four yards long steel counter with six bar stools in front of it extends into the space, in the hose-like spatial structure, four seating boxes, infinitesimal niches, are distributed towards the walls.

The prostitutes can withdraw to the seating boxes with the customers. They are then protected from the prying eyes of the other guests. So that a blowjob or a tolerable hand job is definitely performed by the sex workers. From time to time, in the heat of the night, a bold hooker mounts a phallus and rides the stiff cock cowgirl style until he ejaculates.

A gallery on the first floor protrudes from the back wall into the interior, the extreme darkening, the absence of an adequate light source prevents the perception of the actual room height.

"Where's Dalika?" Sunisa asks the busy Thai woman behind the counter.
"Your girlfriend is upstairs with a fat john," explains the female boss.
"Wonderful, really hardworking," the Asian woman says with a beaming smile.

"Well, what was the dumbfounded guy supposed to do? She unzipped his big stiff, smelly cock, including the hairy balls, from his pants in front of the counter, to get him up," Lamai thunders.

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The Oriental bar girls and hookers at the bordello discuss the intricacies of sexual customer service

"Yuck, luckily I missed it," smiles the boss.
"Do you think it's pleasant that the guys show their fat smelly cocks in front of the counter, Siriporn?" Lamai wants to know.
"What's the problem? The guys want to fuck and they pay a lot for it," the busty hooker wonders.
"You don't see that as a problem?" The rioter is outraged.
"You don't have to judge your colleague just because you don't like it," Sunisa says. Lamai disappears angrily.

"Why do you two keep arguing? - Sorry, I have to call Dalika that the time is up," the female boss mumbles.
"She complains about Dalika, while yesterday in a niche she sucked a customer's cock bareback until he squirted in her mouth, she swallowed all the disgusting cum," tells the whore with the buxom bust.

Animosity between the employees and the sex workers of the nightclub boils up, the mood in the brothel is bad

"What was going on in the Laufhaus?" The far eastern woman with the bobbing breasts suddenly wants to get out.
"What should have been going on? A customer and a pimp had a fight, nothing special, just the usual disputes," soothes the serene female boss, scaling down.
"Hmm, strange", Sunisa judges.
"A drug dealer tried to shoot the Ukrainian," Lamai intervenes.
"Don't tell nonsense, this is rubbish," Siriporn railed.

Dalika arrives with her john, who immediately disappears, striving on the Freiheit.
"Your fucker is in a hurry, sweetie, must have been frustrating," teases Lamai.
"Shut your cheeky mouth," the skinny hooker acknowledges the outrageous insinuation.
The two girlfriends crumble into a booth.

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The sex business in the Asian brothels is sluggish on the Grosse Freiheit during the week annoying the far eastern hookers

"I could kill that fucking bitch," rages the attacked hooker.
"Oh, stop it, it happens anyway, the stupid whore has a row with everyone. Some of the guys will shut her up, hold on," soothes the colleague with the lush breasts.
"That's correct! Hopefully the punishment will happen soon."

"It's a mystery to me why Siriporn doesn't say a word to the belligerent whore's ramblings?" Sunisa wonders.
"Why that? You do not know? She's her aunt."
"Oh no! Now I understand this strange behavior. – Why don't you come with me to Berlin?"
"How long will you stay there?"
"I have planned two weeks."
"I'm thinking about it!"

Two johns look in, stare around disrespectfully, hurry off before one of the whores can react.

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