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A wealthy businessman organizes a private sex orgy including bareback fucking for a private audience in an impressive villa in Hamburg-Blankenese

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"Good evening, sir! I'm the call girl of Hamburg Escort Agency."
"Good evening! I'm pleased that despite the traffic jams on the Elbchaussee, this event in Hamburg Blankenese was able to take place at short notice."
"We always try to fulfill the wishes of our generous regular customers."
"Would you like to take off your coat?"
"Could we take care of the financial matters first?"
"Of course! I arranged a fee of five thousand dollars with the office of your escort agency over the phone."
"That corresponds to my order data."
"Let's round up your fee, say ten thousand dollars."
"Very generous of you. That makes you a privileged client tonight. Please call me Kiano, sir!"

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A spontaneous porn show takes place in a glamorous Art Nouveau villa in Hamburg-Blankenese

"You know all the details of what I would call an unusual request?"
"Don't worry, it's not an unusual assignment. You intend for me to perform a live sex show. That's all."
"Not extraordinary! That is very revealing."
"I'm supposed to fuck a man in front of a select, private audience. That's what customers want from time to time."
"Live Sex Show! Is a meaningful phrase. Yes, that's how you can describe my excessive desire. There are a total of ten other viewers in the room who want to passively follow the sexual act, coitus."
"Sex act? Coitus? Passive or active is not relevant. The generous fee includes group sex."
"Well, well. I don't think that will be necessary in this case."
"You are the customer. You determine the procedure."

The brunette call girl flatters the eye with a tight-fitting cut-out dress and high-heeled sandals

"That concludes the formalities. Kiano, may I ask for your coat now?"
"Of course!" She strips off the high-necked, midnight-blue vinyl coat and presents herself in a knee-length, figure-hugging, lavender-blue cut-out dress. The prostitute dances like a catwalk diva in the high-heeled sandals, which are laced along her slim lower legs. The shape of the shoes emphasizes the attractive growth with the help of the shiny silver stiletto heels. The flawless, feminine proportions help her flirt with masculine adoration.
"Your performance gives the eyewitness breathtaking emotional excitement, Kiano!" the host acknowledges, revealing both enthusiasm and awkwardness.
"Thank you, you flatterer! This is an essential part of our business policy. Where is the bedroom in this huge cottage, or do they have other fantasies about where and how to have fun?"

The live fuck orgy is to take place in the small salon of the Hamburg villa and in front of a selected, private audience

"We do the spontaneous erotic event in the small salon of my humble little cottage, which by the way is an Art Nouveau villa. We have set up a temporary cloakroom for you in the library where you can prepare yourself."
"So so, Art Nouveau villa! Preparing in a cloakroom? I'm always ready for action."
"Then may I please go ahead and take you into the small salon?"

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The male partner for the private group fuck show with the brunette call girl wears formal evening wear

The small salon turns out to be a wood-paneled, cube-shaped room. A coffee-brown leather sofa dominates the middle of the room, and an athletic man is stoically waiting on it. He wears a classic tuxedo and patent leather shoes. Five women and an equal number of men sit or stand along the walls. The observer gets the impression that they are couples.

The jovial landlord of the Blankeneser villa introduces the actors of the fuck show to each other

"Dear friends! I would like to introduce you to Kiano, the attractive leading lady tonight. Kiano, this is your intended partner, Konrad."
The callboy jumps up dynamically and gives the callgirl a formal handshake in greeting: "Hello, Kiano!"
„Hello, Konrad!”

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Without any teething problems, the call girl gets into action in front of the unknown audience and spoils the call boy orally

"Dear friends! I'll be brief. Let's be entertained by Kiano and Konrad's spontaneous erotic event. Please, Kiano and Konrad, amuse us."

The savvy call girl, Kiano, immediately grabs the beefy Konrad's crotch and looks for his suspected erection. After a few touches, she recognizes his exorbitantly growing masculinity.
"You strong, horny bull, get your stiff cock out of your pants immediately. I want to suck your big cock and kiss your filled balls."

The night-blue crotchless thong that the hooker wears under the evening dress does not cover anything at all

Meanwhile, the muscular athlete fumbles his stiff, parabolic curved phallus with the dark red erect penis tip out of the open fly. In contrast, the call girl takes off the lavender-blue cut-out dress in one movement. The medium-sized, beautiful breasts with the stiff nipples come to the fore. The whore now presents herself exclusively in midnight blue thong and high heels. The textile is a special form of lingerie that is completely open at the crotch. The thong does not prevent her depilated cunt with the pink labia and the back entrance with the almost closed sphincter from being clearly visible.

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The whore is by no means surprised by the enormous dimensions of the erect dick

The hardened prostitute crouches in front of the muscle man, her inner labia parted and her swollen clitoris protruding. With her right hand, she grasps Konrad's curved penis shaft, and with her left hand, she massages the bulging testicles. As the whore pushes back the foreskin, the erection of the penis, which is certainly twelve inches long, appears even more powerful. Then the tip of her tongue licks the glans and digs into the opening of the urethra. The muscular athlete rips his tuxedo jacket and white shirt from his torso, and his pants slide to the floor.

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