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"How's business going?" Xiomara wants to know.
"Uncomplicated, you rent an apartment, you work and live in it and as a weekly rent you pay six hundred to the landlord. He takes care of the administrative part for you," reports Lissita.
"That's a lot of money."
"Usually two or three whores live in the apartments."
"And you?"

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"I am looking for a colleague."
"I understand. The women then share the rent?"
"That's right. Anyway better, because many also work in the brothels and sex clubs in the streets of St. Pauli or St. Georg."
"During the day in Hamburg Hamm, at night in St. Georg or St. Pauli?"

"Something like that. The Johns come into the apartment in broad daylight. After that, at night, business moves to the red light district."
"I understand. I'm interested. Doesn't that bother the neighbors? Aren't they calling the police?"

"Which neighbors? Only whores live in the whole house. The owner has financially compensated the former tenants. They live elsewhere now. Don't worry about the police. The police officers only check your documents. Prostitution is legal in Hamburg. The cops leave the whores alone."

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"Are there a lot of South Americans in the building?"
"Yes, otherwise all possible nationalities."
"And the customers just come like that?"
"Not at all. You have to advertise."
"How does it work?"
"You advertise in one of the three daily newspapers."

"Does it work so easily?"
"Yes sure. You drive to the office of the newspaper. You must do that because they want immediate payment and you dictate the text you want."
"That's it?"

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"Xiomara, you are in Hamburg, Germany. If you have money, everything will work. It's all a question of price."
"What does the advertisement cost?"
"Two lines about fifty."
"Per day?"

"Hell, that's expensive."
"That's right, but it's still worth it. The phone then rings continuously."
"Oh, annoying."
"Nonsense, you have to hook up an answering machine."
"What for?"

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"Don't be so clueless. The fuckers all ask the same thing one way or another. Fucking with or without a condom? Suck the stiff cock without condom and cum in the face? Bareback anal fucking? Titfuck without a condom? Pee? How much does fucking and sucking cost? "
"The machine then does that. You're rid of the little cocks that masturbate and jerk off on the phone."

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