Two attractive hookers from South America rigorously plunder a client

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"How's business going in a sex apartment?" Xiomara wants to know.
"Uncomplicated, you rent a sex worker apartment, you work and live in it and as a weekly rent you pay six hundred to the landlord. He takes care of the administrative part for you," reports Lissita.
"That's a lot of money."
"Usually two or three whores live in an apartments."
"And you?"
"I am looking for a nice colleague."
"Understood. The women then share the rent?"
"That's right. Anyway better, because many hookers also work in the brothels and sex clubs near the streets of St. Pauli or St. Georg."
"During the day in Hamburg Hamm, at night in St. Georg near main station or on Reeperbahn, Große Freiheit or Herbertstraße in St. Pauli."
"Something like that. The Johns come into the apartment, the tiny whorehouses in broad daylight. After that at night business moves to the red light districts near Steindamm and Reeperbahn."

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How to successfully earn money as a foreign whore by prostitution in a sex apartment in Hamburg

"Understood. Well, I'm interested. Doesn't that bother the neighbors? Aren't they calling the police?"
"Which neighbors? Only whores live in the whole house. The house is a cathouse. The owner has financially compensated the former tenants. They live elsewhere now. Don't worry about the police. The police officers only check your documents. Prostitution is legal in Hamburg. The cops leave the whores untouched."
"Are there a lot of South Americans in the building?"
"Yes, otherwise all possible nationalities."
"And the customers just come like that?"
"Not at all. You have to advertise."
"How does it work?"
"You advertise in one of the three daily newspapers which includes the internet."
"Does it work so easily?"
"Yes sure. You drive to the office of the newspaper. You must do that because they want immediate payment and you dictate the text you want."
"That's it?"
"Honey, you are in Hamburg, Germany. If you have money, everything will work. It's all a question of price."
"What does the advertisement cost?"
"Two lines about fifty."
"Per day?"
"Hell, that's expensive."
"That's right, but it's still worth it. The phone then rings continuously."
"Oh, annoying."
"Nonsense, you have to install an auto reply app."
"What for?"
"Don't be so clueless. The fuckers all ask the same thing one way or another. Fucking with or without a condom? Suck the stiff cock without condom and cum in the face? Bareback anal fucking? Titfuck without a condom? Pee or Watersports? How much does fucking and sucking cost? "
"The app then does that. You're rid of the little cocks that masturbate and jerk off on the phone."

An older John visits the brothel, seeks the special satisfaction in the form of a threesome in the sex apartment of a prostitute

The ringing of the bell on the apartment door interrupts the conversation. The business owner slips into the ready-made pumps, grows by the heels fifteen centimetres, presses her breasts into an advantageous position and goes to the front door. A mature suitor asks to be let in.
"The John wants to fuck with two whores, He wants a threesome!" She happily informs Xiomara.
"What and? You accompany me and I'll introduce you."
"How is that supposed to work?"
"Don't worry, you just say you're on your period. He doesn't get it. He's an idiot."
"God damn, it should be that easy?"
"Yeah! Show him your big tits, let him play with the boops, then he'll be thrilled, just keep your panties on."
"I don't know, Lissita?"
"Come on sweetie. That's quick money. The old man cums fast, believe me.”

The John wants to have a threesome with the hooker Lissita and her shemale girlfriend Xiomara

"Put on the black leather body, it's closed at the bottom. The black sandals go perfectly with it."
"Oh my, I'm afraid they're too small for me."
"Nonsense, leave the straps undone at the back, you only have to get ten meters like that."
The busty shemale slips into the pitch-black lingerie, her luscious breasts explode the graceful bustier by a hair's breadth. With a lot of effort she manages to get into the velvety black sandals with the extremely high heels.
"I think that's how it will work."
"You look absolutely gorgeous. The old fucker will love it!"

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The appearance of the two sex workers delights the shy, older client, he absolutely wants to fuck in a threesome

"Hello, Darling, do you like my girlfriend Xio?", Lissita whispers when the two whores walk into the fuck room.
"Yes, very much," Sedat stutters, because the shemale's well-proportioned body with the huge bust size outshines the attractiveness of delicate Lissita by far.
"Are you from South America too?" he adds.
"Yep! From Colombia."
"I'm from Venezuela," adds Lissita.
"What do you want now, darling?" Lissita asks kindly but urgently.
"I want to have a threesome."
"I'm aware of that, so far we agreed," laughs the person of Venezuelan descent.
"Be careful: fucking with a condom costs fifty, sucking bareback costs fifty extra, for each woman of course, so a total of two hundred."
"Yes!", the customer blurts out.
"What, yes?", replies the clever hooker impatient.

Whore Lissita takes care of the payment for the sexual intercourse by the suitor

"Oh I see." Sedat fumbles two royal blue banknotes out of a greasy wallet. The tenant of the sex apartment briskly grabs the banknotes and leaves the room, after a few moments she enters the almost ten square meter unit, equipped with two packaged condoms and a tube of lubricant, while the nervous guy is busy trying to get rid of his clothes, Xiomara watching with amusement.

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Lissita and Xiomara want to shorten the threesome, and make the customer cum by jerking off as quickly as possible.

"Darling lie down on the bed and let yourself be pampered."
Naked and a little shy, the John rolls onto the bed, his circumcised cock revealed to be in the state of maximum erection. The glans shines purple, the testicles hang like ripe fruit in the branches. The female hooker immediately works on the erect penis, starts masturbating the pressure cylinder with her right hand while sitting on the edge of the bed. Meanwhile, the tranny has positioned her bust directly in front of Sedat's face. She slides the bustier to the left and right, the huge tits fall out and exposes the tiny nipples, she offers Sedat's mouth the boobs.
"Darling do you like my tits?" asks Xiomara in a deep voice.
"Oh yes, I like it! Nice tits!", gasps Sedat in a quiet voice.
"What are you waiting for? Lick my tits, suck at my hard nipples. Is that what you want, don't you?"
"Oh yeah."

The two whores deliberately overwhelm the client with their sexual stimuli

The brothel customer greedily kisses the shemale's breasts. He sucks on the puny nipples, while the female Venezuelan has increased the speed while jerking off, also massaging the hairy, plump testicles with the left hand, she is now sitting on the guy's thighs and rubbing her shaved cunt with a sigh.
"Feel my wet pussy, darling?"
"Yes, your pussy is very hot, that's very nice," he comments overwhelmed.
"Come on, lick my nipples, you horny goat, suck my fat milky tits," orders Xiomara on the other hand, moaning exaggeratedly. Sedat is overwhelmed by his sensory stimuli.

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The threesome with the two whores is over before the horny client can dismantle its emotional jam in the fuck room

"Do you want to fuck my cunt now, darling? Say you want to fuck my wet cunt."
"I want to fuck your wet cunt," The elderly fucker croaks while ejaculating violently at the same time.
"No darling! Why are you doing this? Why are you squirting your cum? You're supposed to fuck mz cunt."
"What about me? He should also fuck my cunt!! My cunt is waiting impatiently,” The tranny acts outraged.
"Sorry. I'll be able to fuck again soon."
"No, darling, this is taking too long. Then you have to pay more."
"Better you come back again, then we'll take more time, darling."
"Yes, better," admits Sedat coyly.

"Didn't I tell you, it's going to be easy?" The experienced whore triumphs.
"Totally right. You did!"
"What a fool."
"The jerk cums and you accuse him: why are you doing that?
I just stifled a laugh."
"I saw your smirking expression."

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