Barnie and the pimps in a cathouse in Hamburg St. Pauli

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Barnabas turns off the Große Freiheit into a covered driveway. More like a tunnel which branches into a large back yard. This connects the front block of the Große Freiheit with a block of the Reeperbahn. Already in the tunnel-like driveway he hurries into a stairwell. The entire interior is tiled in signal red. The Laufhaus Große Freiheit. On the third floor, Barnabas knocks on the door of number nine. A whore in snow-white silk stockings and black platform high heels invites him in, clearly delighted.

"Hello Barnie, nice to see you".
"Hello Birkira".

She walks and routinely plays with her tight glutes to a battered chest of drawers. Rummages in the middle drawer. Shovels around quite a few sex toys. Testicle squeezers, Ball gags, Anal plugs, Giant dildos and other perverted sex toys. Then she fishes out a wad of money.

"Here beautiful Barnie, the money", she whispers expectantly. Hands him the rolled up bale of money.
"Your sweets, Birkira", meanwhile he checks the sum of money.
"Do you want to fuck, Barnie?" She asks with a smile although she has known the answer for a long time.
"No," he says meaninglessly. While he adds up numerical values.
"But yes! I forgot you don't fuck black people".
"I don't put my cock in a pussy that anyone can put his cock in."

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"Hahaha, and are you sure to judge that?", she laughs angrily.
"Yes, you are a whore. Anyone who pays the price can fuck you."
"You are a bastard, Barnie", she screams offended. Meanwhile he closes the door behind him.

Satisfied, because the transaction was completed quickly and successfully, Barnabas goes down the stairs in the brothel. Without neglecting the fact that a dark guy is secretly trying to stalk him. Barnabas discreetly insures himself of his armament. Rustam, the Ukrainian, blocked the exit to the tunnel. He's the leading pimp in the whorehouse. He stands with another gorilla who provocatively pulls out a butterfly knife.

"Hey, asshole, what is so difficult to understand by a house ban?", roars Rustam.
Barnabas remains in the middle of the stairs. The pursuer builds up noisily on the upper landing. He is armed with a telescopic baton.
"Obviously you're deaf, jerk-off. Then we'll have to give you some listening lessons, prick."

As everyone moves towards him, Barnabas draws a gun. A model 500 revolver from the holster under his leather jacket.
"One step further and I'll paper the walls with your sparse residual brain", Barnabas threatens Rustam.
"You are even more stupid than I thought, motherfucker. You think you can pass us with a toy gun? Fucker", he says unimpressed.

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"Go ahead, idiot. My five little friends in the half inch caliber drum are waiting in delight. Are motivated and ready to work", responds Barnabas. He grabs the large-caliber killing tool with both hands and cocks the trigger of the revolver.

"Check out the huge shooter. The crazy freak is serious. The gun is real", the guy yells from above. The other chap next to the Ukrainian confirms the assessment. The mood changes. Rustam's confidence suddenly disappears.
"Now what, bastard?"

"You up there. Throw the baton down the stairwell. Be careful and remember my index finger is already shaking. Then cross your hands behind your head. Move now."
"Do what he says, we'll get the pig later," orders Rustam.
"You two, drop the knife and walk away from the exit, then walk slowly down the hall. Faces to the wall, then on your knees, hands behind your head."

"I swear we'll get you," Rustam mumbles. However, they obediently sneak to the stairwell wall.
"In the left or the right foot?", asks Barnabas.
"Where do I shoot you, in the left or right foot? Doesn't it look good if you get out of it unharmed? Is disadvantageous for both of us."
"I know the guy is crazy," comments the stunned guy from above.

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