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Three slender kathoeys, Asian ladyboys, plunge in high heels into the sinful ambience, are greeted expectantly by the longing, horny guys. A swarm of guys immediately besieged one of the tall graces. To the horror of the suitors willing to fuck, she withdraws into a common room for the staff. The next time she becomes visible in the crowd, she demonstrates herself almost completely naked, her sinewy body looks intensely trained, nowhere a sign of fatty tissue. Flattered exclusively with the touch of a crimson thong which has a huge bump, she dances around, logically in shoes with high heels, absurdly high heels, so that she clearly exceeds most boys in body length, but the drive-controlled types lose their mental sanity. The sex club - the Insanity - gurgles and cooks.

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Who is the transsexual beauty, the whore in heels?

"Who’s this slut, the fucking bitch?" Xiomara yells at Dorabella, who is standing next to her, but she has to repeat the question several times. Phonetic exchange succeeds in the seething crowd of the sex club Insanity, evident after midnight, during peak rush hour, only when the conversation partner yells directly into the desired auricle.
"This is Lucy, the attraction of the Asian kathoeys."
"The Thai name for ladyboy."

Lucy, the half-naked beauty with the huge bulge between her thighs, nowhere near five minutes has passed on the clock, strives up through the promising wooden door next to the bar counter, the dutiful Alinda, the transsexual boss with the pretty face, casually handed her a room key. The happy prostitute’s client, insofar as he believes he has won the favor of the transsexual hooker, trots behind her, armed with a bottle of champagne on the way upstairs to the prostitute sex room.

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The extremely slim Lucy with the stately silicone breasts and her companion enter a sparse fuck room above the sex club Insanity. The deafening noise of the people on the street echoes almost unmuffled into the darkened room. Unexpectedly, Lucy handles a riding whip, whereupon she kicks her matt black platform heels into a corner of the room with a rumble. She pushes the crimson triangle of fabric between her legs to the side, the previously buxom bulge turns out to be an enormous erection, the uncircumcised ladyboy cock jumps up like a spiral spring.

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"On your knees, sissy boy!" She commands the perplexed fellow.
Before the guy in his brain can sort out the situation, he's done the command. She steps closer to him, maneuvers the erect ladyboy phallus with the purple glans an inconsiderable centimeters in front of his face.
"Open your mouth, sissy boy!"
Caresses his chin with the tip of the whip, circles the oval of the skull, then slams him on the upper arm.
"Open your dirty mouth, sissy boy!" The Asian ladyboy repeats emphatically, while the guy has long since torn his fuck mouth wide open. She reaches for her rigid shemale dick with her left hand, hits the stiff penis challengingly in his expectant blowjob face, and then gleefully rubs the ladyboy cock against his tongue, which he has stuck out in the meantime.

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"Do you want to suck my hard cock, sissy boy? You want that, you horny cock sucker? Right?" She provokes him.
Before he can produce a sound, Lucy has sunk her rock-hard shaft deep in his throat. Several times she pushes the plump ladyboy cock deep into his throat at high speed, clamps his nose shut with her left hand, pulls the schlong out completely so that the shemale cock sucker can gasp for breath. Finally she spits a nice load of spit loudly audibly into his open cock sucking mouth, kisses him, licks his own body fluid, the snot, from the surface of his face in order to spit at him again deep into his throat.

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"Get up, sissy boy!" She orders and the lust boy obeys automatically.
With practiced fingers she tears his blue jeans and Bermuda shorts down to his lower legs, turns him one hundred and eighty degrees, beats his bare butt several times with her rod, and fingers his tight anus. First the index finger is inserted, then additional fingers are sunk into his ass. The kathoey with the erect cock bends down on his knees, alternately sucks his stiff dick and the nice testicles, then licks his male asshole, presses the slimy ladyboy tongue muscle through the bitter rosette, digs deep his the dirty rectum. The young lad moans and howls with horny shamelessness. She embraces his round balls, elongates the scrotum, stretches it, and nibbles delightedly on the shaved testicles. The guy roars with lust. Unnoticed by him, Lucy has cleverly put a condom over her erect ladyboy dong while she stands up, screwing her athletic body smoothly into the height.

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"Bend over, sissy boy! I'll fuck your big ass, sissy boy!"
After she has made his sphincter functional for anal sex with plenty of saliva, she drills the stiff ladyboy cock, first carefully, then brutally, into his ass. She clasps his hairy male torso with iron grips so that he loses contact with the floor during her ladyboy cock is in his ass. After a few steps of balancing, she nailed him to the wall of the room, he can no longer avoid her hard knocks. She squeezes him flat against the unyielding stone wall, smooches him uncontrollably, drives her tongue impetuously deep into his cock sucking throat, shamelessly licks his face. Again and again, the cracking blows on his buttocks shred the roaring background noise of the night owls in Hamburg St. Pauli. The ladyboy increases the irrepressible rhythm and the ruthless violence of the thrusting movement in his asshole until the climax is exceeded. Immediately the Thai kathoey lets go of him, removes the filled condom from the sagging ladyboy penis, throws the condom in a garbage can next to the door, skilfully bridges a distance of five meters. She straightens the tanga so that the penis and scrotum hurry behind the triangle of fabric.

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A fleeting quarter of an hour later, Ladyboy Lucy plows again with her head held high, waving pitch black, hip-length mane and inelastic plastic tits through the voluptuous raging crowd. A few inconsequential minutes later, the next patronizing customer with a bottle of champagne will escort her again to a quick erotic adventure on the first floor.

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