In Ho Chi Minh City, a ladyboy, a guy, and a femboy fuck a sausage sandwich until they ejaculate, resulting in a nice cum creampie

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The problem with sausage sandwich fucking, a variety of group sex, is coordinating the movements of everyone involved. Two basic versions are highlighted: the two outer participants, the bread, remain still and the inner person, the sausage, moves back and forth. Or the two front fighters remain immovably connected, and the rear competitor dynamically hits the threesome sandwich, and the movement force is transferred from the sausage to the front competitor via the rigid posture.

No deal is needed in this latest three decker sex meetup in tropical Saigon. The brazen ladyboy Lucy bangs Neil's ass so ruthlessly that he can't really resist.

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The young man plays the sandwich in the threesome, he's on top, and as the bottom, he gets his ass banged

Lucy: "Neil, I'll be giving you a load of fresh cum up your sweet butt shortly."

Neil is overwhelmed by this announcement because his level of horniness has been exceeded to the maximum, and he immediately cums in her ass. Good sex happens in the brain. Dirty talk has a stimulating effect on many people. In addition to the visual stimuli, dirty talk plays an important role during sex.

As his stiff cock digs deep into Dunisa's ass, he moans in agony from the incredible urge. Triggered by the animalistic movements of the naked, sweating bodies, he roars, "Dunisa, I'm pumping your wonderful ass full of hot white cream sauce."
Lucy: "Neil, clench your ass cheeks! I am also ready. My cum is now flooding your tight butt."

Almost at the same time Ladyboy Lucy ejaculates in Neil's ass, Neil in turn squirts in Dunisa's back entrance

As Neil's brain tries to process the news that he's about to have a load of ejaculate anally injected, Dunisa's flat tits are pushed bolt upright against the wall. Neil's cock slides out of her slimy asshole, yellowish cum covering his still erect penis.

Slimy ejaculate runs strained through her widened rosette. The femboy spreads his narrow ass cheeks extremely wide with his hands, exposes the depilated perineal groove and pushes an enormous amount of sperm through her light red rosette in several batches as a cum creampie.

The femboi pushes the injected sperm out of the asshole again and again, which means that a huge creampie adorns the asshole

Neil: "What a gorgeous jizz cream pie oozing out of your asshole."

In the sparse hotel room in the first district of Ho Chi Minh City, the air conditioning struggles in vain against the overheated atmosphere. The three bodies of the three decker are dripping with sweat. In particular, the sausage, the young man who has been both bottom and top anal fucking, is bathing in sweat.

In a state of ecstasy, the post-op femboy fingers her bloated asshole and happily plays with the sticky cum that runs through the ass crack and drips onto the floor. She licks her fingers clean with relish.

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Wild orgasms end the sausage sandwich fuck in sweltering Ho Chi Minh City

Dunisa: "Who will accompany me under the refreshing water of the shower?"
Lucy: "What a stupid question!"
Neil: "Refreshing water? Isn't that a code word?"
Dunisa: "Neil, make yourself useful and lather my back."
Neil: "With pleasure, Dunisa."
Dunisa: "Don't forget my beautiful back entrance. You, bad boy, covered me in your cum and got me dirty."

This time the bathroom is by no means for personal hygiene, the threesome fuck is far from over

Neil: "How could I ever forget your amazing ass and the awesome sight with that crazy creampie gushing out of your asshole?"
Lucy: "Kiss me, darling! Stick your greedy tongue in my mouth."
Neil: "I was right. Water refreshment was just a code."
Lucy: "Fuck you, dude! My dirty cock was in your dirty ass, and now it's waiting for you."

Neil: "Shall I lather your cock too?"
Lucy: "Are you crazy, Neil? On your knees with you! I want you to worship my beautiful cock."
Neil: "Why should I worship your cock? I could suck your beautiful cock."

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The ladyboy reveals his dominant behavior, the femboy and the young man have to worship his cock

Lucy: "You shouldn't contradict me, you little bastard! Just open your cheeky mouth and stick your fucking tongue out."
Neil: "You don't have to get angry right away. I do what you want."
Dunisa: "I want some too."
Lucy: "Honey, it's your turn later. Have a seat next to him."
Dunisa: "I'm ready."

The ladyboy pisses a burst of pee into the mouth of the puzzled guy

Lucy: "Neil, I'll piss you a good stream of pee in your big, cheeky mouth. I use you like a dirty piss basin."

Before the extremely horny Neil realizes in his brain convolutions that ladyboy Lucy has announced that she will urinate a load of pee, i.e., warm piss, directly from the source into his gaping throat, the perversion has long since happened.
Neil: "Holy shit! You're pissing in my face!"

Lucy: "Shut the fuck up, you little wretch! Just drink my lovely piss!"

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Disgust and anger rise at first, but sexual excitation overwhelms humiliation

On the one hand, the young man Neil feels disgust, on the other hand, his lust has grown so much that this perverse humiliation is more than compensated for by sexual arousal. This new experience of pissing with golden showers is indelibly burned into his brain.

Lucy: "Now it's your turn, darling!"
Dunisa: "Piss the warm pee stream on my sweet tits. I love golden showers."
Lucy: "I'll piss the rest of my golden shower on your stiff nipples. Massage your tits with my delicious juice, sweetheart."

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