In the Temptation brothel on St. Pauli, the whores all use the same tactics to get their customers into the private room

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The Cambodian whore Dalika seduces a customer with professional ease in front of the counter of the sex club on the Große Freiheit. This action reflects the everyday routine of the prostitute, after all, she has been doing this job for well over ten years. Although Dalika is from Cambodia, she worked as a hooker in the bars and brothels of Bangkok and Pattaya. She finally convinced the customer by unabashedly pulling his big cock out of his pants and jerking it to an enormous erection.

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On the way to the fuck room, prostitute Sunisa and her suitor experience a spectacular surprise

The busty Thai woman Sunisa with the winning smile promises a regular customer an extensive titty fuck without a condom, i.e. bareback. For this purpose, the hooker and her impatient john go to the upper floors of the Hamburg sex club. That's where the brothel's private rooms or fuck rooms are located and they want to do the titty fuck in one of these private rooms. However, they don't get there, because along the way they literally stumble into another couple who are fucking in the cowgirl position on the freely accessible gallery.

The second man for an FMM threesome banging is wanted in a Thai brothel and is lured with a lot of money

After a lengthy discussion, an obese john convinces another guest at the Asian brothel to join him in a group sex threesome. Persuasion is an understatement, because the fat guy pays handsomely for it. However, the portly guy has clear ideas about how the threesome fuck should be carried out. The portly guy wants to pound a Filipino stripper and whore in the spitroast position.

Two men bang a threesome in the spitroast position in the Asian brothel with the Filipino stripper Chompoo

Two dudes pound a Filipino hooker with buxom silicone tits in the spitroast position in a sex club. The group pounding takes place in the gallery that protrudes into the brothel's bar room. That means three people are having a sex orgy on a sofa above the bar table, while a few meters below them other guests in the sex club are sipping their beer. In plain language this means that the men are having a threesome fuck in public. However, the other guests take no notice of it because the location is too dark, too confusing and the process itself seems too absurd.

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The threesome banging turns into a foursome when hooker Sunisa joins the sexorgy, gets her pussy fisted and licked

The group sex threesome develops into a foursome, as the Thai whore Sunisa cannot escape the trio's activities. Magically attracted, she lets a guy first fist her pussy and then lick her vagina without hesitation. The prostitute becomes so ecstatic that the Asian whore accompanies the cunnilingus with a loud voice. This acoustic background leads to the other guests discovering the sex orgy.

A novice spends a lot of money at the Asian sexclub and is rewarded with the perfect cock sucking

A greenhorn gets lost in the Thai brothel on the Große Freiheit early on Wednesday evening. On weekdays, including early evenings, many of the Thai whores are still active in their sexmodel apartments. In other words, the range of whores in the sex club appears reduced compared to a weekend. The Asian prostitute Lamai prefers this time because the competition is significantly lower, especially due to the absence of the prostitutes Dalika and Sunisa. In any case, Lamai approaches customers quite briskly. She is actively supported by Siriporn, the boss behind the counter. And in this case too, aggressive tactics quickly lead to success. The greenhorn donates plenty of drinks and makes a lot of sales with drinks. Whereupon the Asian hooker rewards the newbie with a perfect blowjob, including swallowing sperm.

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Filipino stripper Chompoo with huge silicone tits also works as a prostitute with a focus on group sex

The petite Filipino stripper Chompoo with huge silicone tits celebrates the Bangkok Plop at the Men Paradise strip club, making her live sex show the main attraction of the house. The stripper also works as a prostitute and is particularly interested in group banging events, gangbangs and sex orgies. To do this, she goes to the sexclub opposite. There she serves her wealthy admirers in the whorehouse. On the other hand, she visits the ladies and gentlemen in the luxury hotel. The sought-after go-go dancer tries to get involved in the business at all levels.

A financial juggler ends his working day in the neighborhood in various brothels and is finally fucked in the ass and mouth by Latina shemales

A narrow-minded day trader wants to end the successful trading week in the neighborhood. To do this, he browses the bars, brothels and whorehouses for that special kick. With this intention, the guy enters the Temptation sex club and is recognized and warmly greeted by the whore Dalika. The gambler initially acts generous, fingering her pussy, but loses interest and disappears to the nearest whorehouse. A coffee-brown African whore is supposed to put him in the right mood with a blowjob. But this also fails. Finally, the stock market professional ends up in the transsexual whorehouse Insanity, where two Brazilian shemales seduce him into a threesome bang.

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The Thai whore Sunisa explores the earning potential in a brothel in Berlin

The busty Sunisa from Bangkok works as a prostitute in sexmodel apartments and sex clubs in Hamburg. Every now and then the hooker tries out whether a city other than Hamburg could offer better earning opportunities. For this purpose, she is testing Berlin's red light business for a few days. Whore Sunisa starts working in a brothel in Charlottenburg not far from Kurfürstendamm. In order to create a unique selling point, she advertises on the relevant websites: Thai woman with large boobs fucks in hold-up black nylons including matching suspenders and red high heel pumps.

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