The Bangkok shemale street sex area in Sukhumvit stretches between the two red light hotspots Soi Cowboy and Nana Plaza

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The music is blaring loudly, and the bright neon lights above the sex bar entrances illuminate the extremely humid, tropical night. I relax with a cooling beer in the company of ladyboy Bekky in a short-time bar.

We are on Soi Cowboy, a small side street in the immediate center of the megacity of Bangkok. This means we are also close to one of the large ladyboy streetwalker and hooker areas in Bangkok.

The side street itself is one of the three red light hotspots in Thailand's capital. The other two hotspots are called Nana Plaza and Patpong and are further to the west. As a pedestrian you can reach Nana Plaza in ten minutes from the current location.

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Why do you need a short time bar in the red light area of Bangkok?

The ladyboy streetwalkers can be found in Bangkok at night on Thanon Sukhumvit between the BTS stations Asok and Nana
Bangkok's most beautiful ladyboy whores are waiting for their customers on the pedestrian walkway of the large Thanon Sukhumvit from the BTS station Asok to the ultimate hotspot Nana Plaza on Soi 4.

What is a short time bar, the unsuspecting reader now asks? – We are actually talking about a brothel or whorehouse. I would like to clarify: A short time bar is a location where the guest can go to a private room with a prostitute from the bar to carry out a sexual act.

But the customer can also, like me at the moment, just exchange ideas with a whore over a drink. A short time bar is a brothel-like location, comparable to a sex club in Europe.

Thai ladyboy Bekky accompanies me to a whorehouse on Soi Cowboy

Beautiful Bekky is sipping through a straw on a pink cocktail whose name I forgot as soon as I heard it. Without high heels, she is a head shorter than me, about five feet, four inches tall, and she has waist-length, jet-black hair. The prostitute delights the viewer's eye with her slim figure with beautiful curves in the right positions.

The transsexual Thai whore wears a small black evening dress with very little material around her naked body

Apart from her angel heels on her shapely feet, she is wearing a one-piece black evening dress, which is skin-tight and emphasizes her great body. The dress is cut out in various places, which is why experts call it a cut-out dress, which means that a lot of dark brown bare skin can be seen.

Bekky provocatively presents me with her huge silicone tits with the help of this clever choice of clothing. I have to admit, she almost succeeded.

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Tgirl hooker Bekky tries to get my willie to erect with her little feet

As we sip our drinks on the round bistro table, her left foot under the table tries to get my limp willie in the pants in the mood.

The Thai Kathoey, for his part, has a medium-sized cock with a lot of potency, which I have already tested sufficiently. Bekky has unbridled sexual passion, but unfortunately, I have to say that she behaves completely crazy at times.

My theory on Thai shemales' ejaculation ability

The ladyboy whores can be found from late in the evening until early in the morning
The exotic prostitute's commercial sex business thrives from sunset until almost sunrise.

When tranny Bekky orgasms and ejaculates, she shoots her cum high, wide and usually a lot of it. In general, I have had the experience that the local Thai ladyboys give huge cumshots. What I mean by this is, as far as my modest experience allows, they squirt high, wide, and shoot enormous amounts of cum.

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The geographical placement of Soi Cowboy in the red light scene of Bangkok

Back to where we are: Soi Cowboy forms a cross street between Sukhumvit Soi 21 and 23 and, according to Google Maps, is only about 140 yards long.

Nevertheless, the tiny alleyway is peppered with various brothels or whorehouses, where pretty ladyboy whores in particular frequent. In addition, Soi Cowboy can be easily reached by public transport.

What the Farang should know about the Thanon Sukhumvit Road?

A small geographical overview is permitted for those unfamiliar with the area: The Sukhumvit is a main traffic road in Krung Thep, it begins in the western center of the city and leads to the east of Bangkok and beyond. In fact, the highway ends at the Cambodian border.

If you follow this road from Asok west you will reach Soi Nana, another center of the red light industry. The Thais call the branches off the main road with the prefix Sukhumvit Soi and since there are so many of them, they are simply numbered consecutively. The local person knows the location based on the numbering.

Example: Sukhumvit Soi 4 must be in the far west because the main street and therefore the numbering begins in the west. He also knows that the side street leads to the south because all straight Sois run in a southerly direction. He might know more, namely that the side streets Soi 4 and Soi Nana are identical. But that should be enough.

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We start our nighttime hike along the public sex area from the starting point Asok train station

The BTS train station Asok is barely a stone's throw away from Soi Cowboy, so that the journey via Skytrain is ideal for interested night owls. But please note: The local transport system stops operating between 12 am and 6 am.

As the name suggests, the Skytrain is an elevated railway and this line runs over the Sukhumvit roadway using a massive concrete structure. The Ladyboy public sexwalker area, which we now want to explore, also begins at Asok train station.

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