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Post-op Thai femboy stages unbridled bareback sex uses both fuck holes in a massage parlor near main station in Hamburg

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"Hello, I am glad to see you again despite the inconvenience," says Malee with a happy grin when Peet Dornbeek, who is indecisive, groping his way into the "Magic Hands" massage studio in Hamburg St. Georg. According to the majority of those who know the red light scene, the Magic Hands is the top address for erotic massage, tantra massage and Thai massage with a happy ending in the city of Hamburg.

According to the Hanseatic authorities, an erotic massage should exclude a sexual act. However, no law can dictate what creates the passion of an intimate situation between the masseuse and the client. Peet crossed exactly this line during his last erotic massage, whereupon he fled the studio in irritation. Now he returns, infected by this sexual experience.

"Why, despite the inconvenience?", Peet hesitates tensely.
"We thought you weren't satisfied with our service?" The shrewd lady boss sums up her thoughts in a counter question.
"No, no, absolutely not. Did I leave this impression?"
"Without a doubt, you left the wellness parlor in a hurry."

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The enterprising female boss of the Thai wellness parlor on the Steindamm always tries to resolve any discrepancies with her solvent customers

"Oh no! There's a misunderstanding, I thought I was missing an important business meeting at Hamburg Central Station and tried to keep the agreement. Unfortunately, I was too impetuous! I hope I have not caused any inconvenience?"
"Don't worry about us. The main thing was that you were able to attend the business meeting on time?"
""Yes, yes, thanks for asking. I was able to keep the appointment."
"We always want to satisfy our customers and give them a pleasant stay in our studio. This is especially true for a regular customers like you. Please do not hesitate to let me know if you have any complaints."
"I assure you, I'm extremely satisfied with your service," the businessman replies.
"I'm glad we were able to put this misunderstanding out of the world," the Asian woman sums up businesslike, who always tries to please the customers.

The businessman and regular customer in the steel-gray single-breasted suit astounds the savvy boss of the massage parlour

"As usual? An hour of erotic treatment including happy ending with a pretty masseuse of your choice?" Asks Malee, casually bringing business to the fore.
"Yes, please! – An hour of erotic therapy," Peet speaks robotically.
"With pleasure, your request should be dealt with! I will introduce you to our current ladies. We have new very pretty women on offer."
"No, please not like that!"
"Not like that? I don't understand you?"

The busy entrepreneur has long since made his choice, he wants an erotic therapy with ladyboy Dunisa, the gazelle

"I think I've already made my choice for a masseuse!"
"Interesting!" Confirms the boss of the erotic establishment, surprised.
"I would like to book the same lady as on the last visit."
"You mean Dunisa?"

"Yes, Dunisa," claims the tradesman, although he long forgot the name of the person who aroused his sexual interest. Dornbeek did a lot of research on the massage parlor's website, but there were no photos of Dunisa on it. He hadn't paid any attention to her nickname when they first met, but now he can't get the hooker out of his head. He just wants to close this agonizing conversation with the tiring businesswoman. So he pretends to know her name of course.

"You are lucky, Dunisa is present and not occupied by a customer!"

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The arrogant Thai ladyboy, the super-slim, post-op kathoey, doesn't even look at the entrepreneur in the classy suit

The busy female brothel manager returns from the private personnel department, escorted by the desired specialist for erotic massage and happy ending. The ladyboy, who fascinated him the first time they met already, is dressed in traditional Thai costume, a bright green chakkri with embroidered, blood-red ornaments. Arrogantly localized the slender grace, the femboy, the Hamburg gentleman. Wordlessly she curves past him under the din the heels create on the wooden floor and heads for a private room in the backward area of the wellness parlor. The admirer follows her, as if pulled along by an invisible hand.

The gazelle-like ladyboy with the shaved cunt is ice-cold towards the well-to-do admirer

"The erotic massage with a happy ending costs one hundred and fifty," the hooker instructs expressionlessly. Immediately after locking the door to the room, the sex worker presents herself abruptly naked, as usual. The Asian hooker offers herself to a certain extent ready for work, but she behaves in a highly bored manner. With her sinewy arms crossed in front of her undersized but pretty hormonal tits, she emotionlessly presents him her shaved, artificial cunt.

"Don't you recognize me?" The business guy asks, confused, while placing the bills on a side table.
"I do not understand?"
"I was your customer on Monday!"

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Without delay, the slender ladyboy shamelessly sucks the Hanseatic businessman's cock and gives him a routine deepthroat

"I'm not stupid! I know we fucked and you liked it!"
"Oh! How do you know that I liked the intimacy?" He has to suppress the insult 'you bitch', that's how this presumptuousness provokes him.
"Well, otherwise you would hardly have come back to the massage parlor for another erotic therapy! Isn't it? You want another erotic massage including fucking in the ass and in the cunt! You are here because you liked my tight wet cunt and asshole! Isn't it? You want to fuck me again!" She chats.

She moves towards him, wearing only her black high heel pumps, sinks to her knees in front of him, spontaneously opens the zipper of his pants, grabs his cock, which then, without him being able to turn it away, stiff as a stick in front of her throat stands. Without hesitation, she pushes the plump cock between her cherry-red lips deep into her throat, gives a blow job, touches his scrotum with her delicate hands, nimbly squeezes his balls and glares at him belligerently out her pitch-black pair of eyes.

The husband and suitor are again tormented by pangs of conscience, while the transsexual whore lures the irrepressible lust out of him

'Holy shit! What the hell am I doing here in this goddamn brothel?' He considers desperately. Meanwhile, the Asian hooker lets his fat cock sink into the depths of her throat completely, a real deepthroat, and sneers at him with her black eyes. She caresses his hairy balls with her nimble tongue while the entire penis shaft fucks her throat.
'I can't resist that kind of drive. Like that scumbag who effortlessly commandeered the Spyder.' he resigns.

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The post-op ladyboy orders in the massage parlor Peet to fuck her shaved cunt and ass bareback again

Abruptly the ladyboy jumps up, enough deepthroat sucking. She rushes to the side table, bends her torso agile over the hips, the marginal tits with the plump nipples remain unaffected by gravity. The hooker trapes the instability of the position of the body weight above the table level with the heels of her hand, spreads her endlessly long, graceful thighs, offers the married guy her cleanly shaved fuck holes from the back. The femboy stares challengingly over her shoulder, gripped by irrepressible lust, and commands loudly:

"Come on, bang me with your thick stiff cock! Fuck my boiling cunt and spray your greasy cum into my tight asshole!"

He cannot evade this request, he has long since exceeded this limit. The femboy directs his cock by hand through the rosette of her asshole, which she quickly made slippery with lots of therapy oil. The fucker rages promptly in her ass with wild thrusts. The utensils that are ready on the tabletop for the purpose of the massage bang on the floor with a clatter.

"Yes, fuck my ass powerful and brutal! Shoot your cum into my holes!" She yells at the fucker, constantly making eye contact.

Dunisa staggers, caused by the hard impacts. Peet suddenly grunts loudly and remains motionless, panting, gripping her slim upper body tightly, overwhelmed by his orgasm. He starts kissing her neck, his still stiff cock slipping out of her ass. Sticky sperm covers the shaft of his penis, more cum bubbles uncontrollably from her asshole. Then the experienced Thai femboy squeezes the ejaculate, the cum, in the form of a jet into a creampie from the back entrance.

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