Mercenary does prohibited business activity with an Asian stripper in the red light district of St. Pauli Hamburg in a robust manner

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The vehicle coming downtown Hamburg from Holstenwall over Millerntordamm turns into Millerntorplatz, sorts itself in the direction of travel to the Reeperbahn, the red light district of Hamburg, suddenly stops in front of the traffic light that has just been switched to cherry red. Parts of the upper circle segment of the orange-red solar disk is shining impressively above the horizon in the west of Hamburg-Altona. The plump taxi driver annoyed folds down the sun visor. Drowsy in the rear, Barnabas, bored, watches the endless crowd of passers-by, which the Hanseatic underworld spits out of the St. Pauli subway station into the evening sun. As soon as the traffic lights allow the vehicle to continue, the brawny limousine noticeably gains speed; the automatic transmission switches the gear ratios between the diesel engine and the drive axle with gentle accelerating thrust.

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The mercenary approaches from Hamburg's Neustadt, heads for the Grosse Freiheit in St. Pauli

"Where can I drop you off?", grunts the rowdy driving artist.
"Crossroad Reeperbahn and Grosse Freiheit, please", he replies.
"The corner is now called Beatles-Platz! – Okay, my pleasure, sir!"
"Thank you for the instruction," comments the ex-soldier.
"My pleasure!"

The surly mercenary notices the oppressive desolation that the red light ambience of the Reeperbahn reveals in daylight

The long stretch of Spielbudenplatz to his left has the usual depressing feel in daylight. As soon as the dominant natural source of radiation leaves the visible celestial sphere, the artificial world created by the luminous flux of the neon signs will take over. The billboards enthroned above the entrances to the sex shops try to lure passers-by to the inexpensive ejaculation dumps. Cabarets for the unromantic act of love, in between prominent music clubs and sleazy beer cellars, dodgy peep shows and sex shops for the perverse gait, fast food restaurants for the hunger in between, old-fashioned establishments for profane striptease performances including live fucking on stage, more contemporary table dance bars to attract the solvent clientele. The vicious ambience then covers the desolate reality of the central gray-brown wasteland.

Street whores and sex workers of St. Pauli are already crowding the sidewalks of Davidstrasse, Friedrichstrasse and Hans-Albers-Platz

As usual, on the sidewalk Davidstrasse in the evening hours, he registers a multitude of dressed-up, very young whores, sex workers and hookers, from all over the world - busty blondes from Eastern Europe, gazelle-like Africans, coffee-brown South Americans and exotic Asian women. The absurd plot starts directly opposite the well-known Davidwache, a police station that resides in a venerable brick building. The business activity on St. Pauli's street prostitution is already striving towards its culmination point. As if lined up by a strategic hand, the opulent range of attractive whores for paid coitus, for hasty fuck, is precisely placed equidistantly by two blocks.

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The contemporary style military freelancer visits a go-go dancer at the Men Paradise striptease bar at Grosse Freiheit

The military expert resolutely strives up the Grosse Freiheit, towards the entrance of the striptease bar Men Paradise. "Hello, Barnie. Are you okay?", asks the burly bouncer outside the sex club. "Hi!", says Barnabas dismissively, without giving Fazil a glance or answering the question.
Barnabas briskly crosses the customer area, a square semi-darkness filled with tattered, crimson plush furniture in front of a long cocktail bar and a tiny show stage. The special forces veteran scurries wordlessly past the counter, where an aged waitress, the manager, three half-naked, bare-breasted animation girls, the typical topless barmaids, are loudly having fun with their drunken guests. An Asian stripper dances to techno music on the tiny show stage. The ex-soldier purposefully disappears into the dressing room of the go-go dancers.

Petite Asian stripper and go-go dancer Chompoo has a financial problem

While striptease dancer Chompoo is busy applying the makeup, she identifies the hulking mercenary in the mirror. She jumps up immediately, wearing only a thong and escaping to the toilet with him.
"How much do you have?", she asks shyly.
"What's the fucking question? Take a close look with your black slit eyes, airhead. Do I look like some goddamn Patpong bastard? Do I?"
"What? I do not understand?"
"Bitch! You get me perfectly, don't joke with me. Do I look like some goddamn Patpong bastard? Just answer the question!"
"No, no, of course not. But, but, I only have four hundred", she stutters.
"So yes, you want to fuck me like a lousy, greasy bastard from Patpong!"

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The rough-necked military and former paratrooper puts the Asian woman with the delicate figure of a dancer under pressure

"What? No, no, just listen!"
"Watch out, bitch, remember I'll show you what happens if you think you can just fuck my ass like that."
"Please, don't do that."
"Watch out, slut, now I'll show you what happens if you expect you can fuck my ass like that", pushes the sinewy guy her with his muscular body mass of eighty-nine kilos brutally against the cold tiled toilet wall.
"Stop it! Stop it now! Okay, okay, I see!", screeches the stripper.
"Where do you want to go?"
"I'll get the rest of the money."

The crafty ex-soldier successfully closes the drug deal with the delicate stripper

"Give me the bucks! Shut up and move your ass, bitch!"
She leaves the toilet room horrified. The cold-blooded mercenary fingers an unfiltered cigarette from a box in his breast pocket, lights the butt. Inhales in strong but calm breaths. He is in no way concerned. The petite Chompoo embodies a reliable customer. Occasionally she needs a humorless admonition. It's inevitably part of his business, he thinks as he hears footsteps. Timid knock. Chompoo lingers in a cream-colored negligee, relieved, in front of the toilet door with the banknotes in hand.

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The expert for dangerous special missions leaves the sex club successfully and relaxed

"Here I have the remainder."
"It works, honey. Take your candies." The military freelancer pushes a plastic bag into the go-go dancers hand.
"Have fun, sweetheart", caresses the strippers fiery red left cheek. The mercenary disappears with momentum out of the Men Paradise. The savvy veteran knows from ample experience that as soon as he tackles an interpersonal problem with the necessary aggressiveness, i.e. announces the use of brute force, the conflict-shy clientele regularly caves in.

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