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Feminine Asian ladyboy seduces the customers during sex massage for blowjob and anal sex bareback

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Dornbeek has changed his mind, he is rescheduling, he wants to treat himself to a femboy sex massage on Hamburg's Steindamm.

You will probably ask yourself: What is a femboy? – For our story, we define that a femboy is a male individual who consistently presents and behaves as a woman. However, unlike a ladyboy or a tgirl, a femboy does not undergo gender reassignment surgery. (Actually! But more on that in the following text!)

"Dornbeek, hello Tilda. I'm about an hour and a half late, I'll come to the office later. Does this cause problems with appointments or meetings?"
"Hello, Peet. No, everything is OK. Your wife Heidegret tried unsuccessfully to contact you on your cell phone. She informed me that I would like to remind you of the vernissage that will take place next Tuesday at 8 p.m. at the Große Bleichen."
"Oh yes, thank you, Tilda, see you later, bye."
"You're welcome, bye Peet." The boss of an advertising agency is still angry at the violent criminal who stormed into his office and simply commandeered his Porsche 918 Spyder.
'This racket made me look like a bum! I had to embarrass myself in front of all my employees! Much more serious: how am I supposed to explain this fiasco to Heidegret? She won't let up until she accepts a sufficient explanation: Why did the Spyder suddenly disappear? On top of that I have to drive around in this fucking family car. How embarrassing is that? – I'm going to treat myself to a pleasurable erotic massage! Just have to soak up positive thoughts!'

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For physical relaxation, Peet wants to treat himself to a sex treatment in his preferred parlor on Steindamm

The head of an advertising agency steers the anthracite-gray Audi A6 coming from Wandsbek on the wide lane of Steindamm from St. Georg towards Hamburg Central Station. He discovers a parking space near the junction to the Kreuzweg, directly opposite his intended destination. He cheerfully strolls into one of the typical, unadorned concrete buildings in the area of ??the main train station and climbs into the elevator. The cabin transports him to the eighth floor, the top floor of the simple office building, the business premises of the Magic Hands studio for relaxation, an institution for erotic and tantric wellness for women, men and couples.

He enters the Magic Hands wellness studio near Hamburg Central Station for an erotic relaxation, where boss Malee welcomes him

"Hello", welcomes the constantly smiling, busty boss Malee of the establishment.
"Long time no see. You were on vacation?"
"That's right on the one hand, on the other hand I just had a lot to work. No, I wasn't on vacation," he explains. 'Why am I telling her this, he's angry about his behavior.'
"An hour of erotic relaxation? As usual?" She asks hypocritically.
"Yes, please," he feigns back.
"Please have a seat at the bar. May I pass you a refreshment? Maybe a cappuccino?"
"No thanks! I don't want a drink, very courteous," he declines the offer. He sits down awkwardly on a bar stool in front of the counter in the central lounge, which serves as a spacious waiting room for the guests.

The business guy selects a strikingly slim sex worker a femboy from a large number of attractive masseuses

She hurries into a function room to return immediately with nine other Asian women. He knows the procedure, he should choose a concubine for an hour. "We have new, pretty girls in our program," she praises her commodity.
The masseuses all wear a uniform traditional Thai costume. A chakkri, put together from an ankle-length pencil skirt combined with a top, a sabbai, which is elegantly curved around a silk top, extends from the shoulder to the floor. The ingenious owner of the relaxation parlor attaches great importance to the fact that the employed sex workers lavishly put on the make-up and graft their feet into high-heeled pumps. The well-dressed businessman opts for a slim, gazelle-like femininity, which clearly exceeds the other masseuses in body length, and has a decidedly exotic, coffee-brown complexion. He forgets her first name immediately as soon as the boss calls it, because he knows it is a fantasy name, a stage name, so to speak, that the business owner often came up with.

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Sex massage with happy ending performed by an asia hooker in the relaxation studio for one hundred bucks

He baptized her the gazelle and she leads him to the room of lust where the sexual service is to take place. The gazelle, as he calls the whore because of her stature, boredly accompanies him into the room.
"The erotic relaxation including happy ending costs one hundred bucks", she announces emotionlessly, after locking the door to the massage room behind her.
While she undresses within seconds, the guy in the fine single-breasted suit flips a hundred onto a side table. The gazelle oversees the process unaffected. The gazelle oversees the process impassively, completely naked, she crosses her sinewy arms in front of her small tits, completely unabashedly presenting her clean-shaven genital area, her accurately depilated cunt to him.

The skinny masseuse, a post-op ladyboy, surprises the affluent citizen with an awesome body-to-body treatment

Textile-free, the stressed entrepreneur lies on his stomach on the wide futon. Silently she douses him generously with well-tempered massage oil, she begins to distribute the oily liquid evenly over his entire skin surface with gentle touches. Surprisingly for him, about five minutes later, he was enjoying the pleasant, relaxing massage, dreaming along. The gazelle lies flat on his back with the front of her body, unexpectedly starting a body-to-body treatment. He feels her rock hard nipples drilling into his back, how her feminine, glowing lap arches around his buttocks, her sinewy body slides like a snake and rhythmically over the surface of his backside.

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The dexterous ladyboy, the gazelle, unleashes the unbridled lust of her customers during the sex treatment with manageable professional massage techniques

"Do you like the body-to-body massage?" She asks confidently, massaging his penis and testicles obtrusively. The well-to-do hamburger didn't want a body to body massage, so he refuses to reply, he doesn't like this clumsy behavior. Even though she manages to get his cock erect.
"Watch this!" she comments aloud about the event. "The little cock is suddenly plump and hard! Did the body-to-body massage make you horny?" she laughs mockingly.
Anger rises in hanseatic guy. Who or what is his anger based on? He doesn't find an unquestionable answer to this, because annoyance and lasciviousness are increasingly blending. For the time being, she is constantly busy with his body, the sexually excitable zones: his nipples, his cock, his scrotum, his balls, even his asshole. Not a millimeter of his body remains undiscovered by her hands, her body surface explores his. Her skill is undeniable, the realization makes him increasingly headless.

At the climax of the sex treatment, the wiry asia ladyboy gives the narrow-minded Hanseatic the best deepthroat blowjob of his life

"You are a quiet one, aren't you? I know you like it!"
This self-love makes me mad, he thinks, suddenly turning away from under her on his back, he abruptly ends the body-to-body massage. Should I get up and go? Barely thinking through the thought, she sits on top of him. She caresses his front, kisses over his stomach, chest, nipples, neck, plays with the wet tongue on his ears and finally lands on his lips, boring insolently demanding deep into his throat by french kiss. That damn bitch, he thinks to himself. He resolutely pulls her skull upwards, her smoke-black eyes glare aggressively at him, while the hooker scornful laughter echoes through the room again. She's crazy, he judges, at the same time she slides down his torso without losing eye contact, at the height of his proud manhood the tip of her tongue begins to circle his blood-red glans, the fat cock. The pressure in the penis shaft increases, the irrepressible flashes in her viewing slits increases accordingly. Immediately the cramped cock disappears into the depths of her throat, noisily gagging, she surrounds the entire organ, yet the impertinent gaze persists on his visual organs. She by no means just sucks his big cock, this is not like a normal blowjob, she inhales all emotions from his eyesight. She gives the fellow the best deepthroat he has ever experienced. She silently boasts of his desperation that he can never defend himself against greed, his resistance fades steadily. Finally she incorporates his unprotected sperm donor, his stiff cock in both fuck holes, cunt and asshole. Unashamedly and without resistance, she stuffs his stiff cock into her wet, shaved cunt and through the slippery rosette. The hooker rides delightedly bareback on his pulsating cock until the reflex orgasm overcomes him. He squirts his semen into her boiling hot orifices, cunt and ass, while at the same time she responds to his climax with a high-pitched scream of impulsiveness.

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Ladyboy prostitute Dunisa fucks the well-heeled customer anally and vaginally bareback to orgasm, who flees the massage parlor completely confused

Rush and headless, the businessman withdraws from the scene. 'I fucked her in the ass and pussy bareback,' his skull roars. He feels an unspeakable sexual humiliation, almost bumping into a wiry guest with a military short haircut in a midnight black leather coat.
"Hohoho, slow down mister. What's wrong with you? Obviously wasn't edifying?" the almost victim smirks sardonically.
Without looking around and without comment, Peet rushes out of the Magic Hands wellness parlor, running down the stairs, not at all waiting for the elevator.
Barnabas immediately recognized it was Peet Dornbeek, from whom he had taken the Porsche Spyder a few days earlier, who ran out of the brothel in panic.
"I don't know, he's a regular, I've never seen him like this before," remarks Malee, the astonished head of wellness studio.
"What happened?" Malee turns to Dunisa, aka the Gazelle, as she enters the central, spacious antechamber, the lounge for customers.
"I don't understand?" replies Dunisa snippy and, wrapped in a scanty bathrobe, undauntedly makes her way to the bathroom.
"I guess he realized too late that he was fucking a kathoey or a ladyboy?" Barnabas smirks nastily.
"Bullshit, Dunisa is completely remodeled, has a pussy made cute," scolds Malee.
"Hahaha, you can't fool everyone, Malee."
"My problem, not yours!" she scolds.
"Sure, you're the boss, you know exactly what's going on."
"You can save yourself your mockery, dear Barnie."
"Right, let's take care of our business interests." (The story continues here: feminine ladyboy seduces a customer during sex massage for blowjob and anal sex.)

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