The 69 position offers a couple an easy way to please each other with their mouth and tongue: mutual oral fuck

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"Can you explain how 69 position works?"
"Sixty-nine position means a couple performing oral sex on each other. So it's a special form of oral sex."
"So that means in plain language: A woman sucks a guy's cock while the guy licks her pussy at the same time."

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Does the pleasure that the 69 position promises also work for homosexual couples?

"That's exactly right! It should be noted that the 69 position is independent of biological sex or sexual orientation."
"I understand that! That means the 69 position also applies to homosexual couples when a guy sucks a man's cock and the man sucks the guy's cock at the same time?"
"Or a guy and a shemale suck each other's cocks."

Whether you're a lesbian, gay, or transsexual doesn't matter in the 69 position

"You got it right! Then it must also be the case when one woman licks another's cunt and vice versa."
"Of course! This possibility is also taken into account by the fact that two women satisfy each other with their mouths."
"Or when two shemales give each other oral sex."
"Assuming the two tgirls haven't had sex reassignment surgery."

Whether cunnilingus or fellatio is done does not change the fact that it is in the 69 position

"Nonsense! We've already dealt with that. Whether a dick or a pussy is served with the mouth is irrelevant for the 69 position."
"I understand cunt or cock doesn't matter? Cunnilingus or fellatio count the same."
"Cunnilingus? Fellatio? Are the expressions from the Italian language?"
"Almost right guess! It's actually Latin. Cunnilingus is the distinguished term for licking cunt, fellatio correspondingly sucking cock."

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The rear entrance, i.e., via anilingus or rimming, can also be included with sixty-nine

"How is the butt accounted for?"
"Where's the problem?"
"If it doesn't matter that a dick or a pussy is mouthed, then the butt shouldn't either."
"You're thinking of anilingus?"
"Oh dear! Anilingus, licking the anus with the tongue, sticking the tongue through the rosette, rim job, or rimming. Whatever you want to call it?"

What about the specialties like deepthroating, facesitting, or teabagging in the sixty-nine?

"Anilingus is oral sex, so it can also be practiced under the 69 position."
"Then that also applies to facesitting, i.e., when a woman sits with her cunt on her partner's face."
"Absolutely! The same applies to pleasures such as deepthroat or teabagging."

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What do you have to imagine by teabagging?

"Teabagging? What does teabagging mean?"
"Teabagging works by placing or hanging your scrotum on your partner's face or in their mouth."
"I can picture it! The scrotum plays the tea bag, which has to be hung in the right place."
"Congratulations; you saw through it."

Is the number 69 really the right symbol for this position?

"Is the sixty-nine really the right symbol?"
"I think that's very appropriate. Head-to-lap versus lap-to-head is the position. The nine looks like an upside-down six, and vice versa."
"I don't think so! It's a bit misleading. After all, the two parties are more or less on top of each other. In this respect, the 69 would have to be rotated by 90 degrees."
"No way! 69 can also be practiced lying side by side or even standing. Whether lying down, on top of each other or side by side, or standing, the 69 position remains."

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How do you describe the special kick that the 69 position exerts?

"The person who sucks or licks is with his head and thus with his five sense organs at the immediate location of the sensual event."
"You mean you smell, taste, feel, hear, and see directly with the sensory system of the mouth, nose, ears, and eyes what is going on in the center of sexuality in the other person."
"In particular, you smell, taste, and feel. For example, when you lick a cunt, you experience how horny a woman becomes because the cunt gets wet."
"I understand that. Not only does the person being worked by the mouth experience pleasure, but the person using the mouth also develops pleasure. But therefore, it is enough to suck a cock or lick a cunt. So why the 69 position?"
"It's the immediate feedback. I feel my partner's horniness, which increases my desire, which in turn my partner immediately registers with me and increases his desire even more."

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