Rafaela, a busty shemale street hooker in Hamburg, seduces customers for toilet sex including a sloppy blowjob, flip flop ass fuck and golden shower

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The ladyboy hooker Rafaela from Recife, Brazil, who stands out because of her Asian and South American descent, tried out the business of being a street whore on Berlin's Ku'damm for a few days. Now she is back in the Hanseatic city.

What is street sex? Street sex or, more generally, street prostitution refers to a form of prostitution that takes place in public spaces. This means that the contact and agreement on business between the prostitute and the customer (john) takes place in public, for example on the street as opposed to intimacy in a brothel.

The broad-shouldered guy wants to hurry along the direct route in Hamburg St. Georg from Kirchenallee to Rostocker Straße, but in doing so, he has to pass the streetwalkers who are waiting there for customers. Shortly before crossing Hansaplatz, at the end of Ellmenreichstrasse, the shemale whore is once again casually leaning against the wall with the sole of her boot.

For a few days, he wasn't able to see the exotic ladyboy on his way home. Today she's wearing a tiny sky blue skirt that barely covers her crotch, with her jet-black underwear, probably a thong, he thinks, showing in places. A cropped white top emphasizes the voluminous breasts. The slender legs are in dark blue hold-up fishnet stockings with a light blue decorative ribbon.

As always, when he sees the streetwalker, she is walking the streets of St. Georg in high-heeled boots. The ladyboy looks delightfully feminine with her waist-length curly hair, but he's pretty sure she's a transsexual hooker.

Last weekend, when he was hanging out at a grunge event on the Große Freiheit in the former cinema in St. Pauli, he just walked through the nearby Schmuckstrasse just for fun. But that had nothing to do with the fact that he wanted to check whether she might also work in St. Pauli, where the transsexuals offer their services on Schmuckstrasse, he tells himself.

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The pedestrian cannot resist the sensual charms of the Brazilian transsexual street prostitute

The blonde Hanseatic can't take his eyes off her, which the beauty of the night registers with 100% accuracy. As a result, she blocks his passage:

"Handsome man, would you like to experience hot, taboo-free sex with me? I'll blow your stiff cock deep and fuck your sweet butt like no other."
"What's up?"
"Wrong answer, handsome man! Don't be shy, feel free to touch my pussy."

She directs his hand unmistakably and without detours under the hem of the tiny skirt. Whereupon the cool Hanseatic definitely knows that she is a shemale whore, equipped with a huge caliber of penis.

South American tranny streetwhore rams her massive willy into his back entrance for a bareback assfuck

The brunette, South American trans lady Rafaela, and sex worker on the roads of Hamburg, St. Georg, thrusts increasingly harder into his now sore asshole. Her huge silicone tits sway to the rhythm of the movement.

The medium-blonde, strongly built lad has to support himself with both hands on the whitewashed wall so that he doesn't fall over the toilet bowl. Every now and then she pulls her colossal hazel-brown cock out of his arse and spits slimy spit onto the palm of her left hand, which the whore then spreads on the shaft of her straight penis.

It must be noted that the shaft length of her stiff penis with the mushroom-shaped glans appears to be too short in relation to the diameter. In fact, her penis length measures an impressive 9 inches when erect. It should be noted that her phallus is quite long but extremely thick, which the passive anal fucker particularly feels in the form of the irritation of his internal sphincter.

The South American streetwalker with the great silicone tits resembles an Asian ladyboy because of her appearance

To a neutral observer, the trans whore Rafaela appears at first glance to be of Asian descent, although the ladyboy was born in Brazil. Her physiognomy is more likely to resemble people from Southeast Asia. In fact, one of her parents emigrated from the Philippines to South America, so that Asian and Latin American charms combine to create an erotic melange.

On the one hand, her figure is beautifully delicate to look at; she has slim, well-shaped thighs and arms. On the other hand, the ladyboy has impressive abdominal muscles with a defined six-pack and large silicone tits, and the cosmetic surgeon was also not economical with the implants in the buttocks.

However, everything is surpassed by a highly attractive, oval face with the fascinating gray-green iris of the eyes framed by almond-shaped slits. The result is a seductive smile with full lips, with the skull encased in a bunch of gorgeous auburn curls that reach down to the hips.

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After the hard anal sex, the street whore gives the dude a massage of his prostate using her fingers and lots of drool

Back to the toilet fuck in the dive bar on St. Georg: At the same time, the unusually exotic shemale also fingers a lot of drool on the now-reddened asshole of the passive chap. She is probably aware of the problem and wants to relieve it; after all, she is a professional and interested in the well-being of her customers.

She alternately pushes her long, delicate fingers with their shiny black nails deep into his rectum for anal stretching. The slender phalanges penetrate the external and internal sphincter; the nimble fingertips work their way further into the anal canal and specifically feel and stimulate his prostate.

The fellow acknowledges this clever stimulation of the prostate organ with a pleasant moan.
"You like that, handsome man!" She phrases it as a statement, not a question.

Her head, with its chestnut-brown hair, nestles against his while he turns his face towards her. Her tongue searches for and finds his outstretched tongue; she circles the tip of his tongue and then pushes her tongue muscle into his throat for an intense French kiss. Her right hand grasps his angular skull, presses his mouth to her lips, and doesn't let go.

Before the Brazilian tranny starts with the bareback arse-fuck, she enjoys stretching the guy's rosette with the help of a rim job

The trans slut then resolutely clutches his bare pelvis with her delicate hands, while his upper body is still fully clothed in a leather jacket, sweater, and T-shirt. Because as soon as the two fuckers reached the beer pub's toilet at Hansaplatz in the basement, the dominant tranny locked the door behind her.

Next, she immediately started working on his jeans, preparing to penetrate his anus with her tongue without delay. Beforehand, the shemale spit a lot of drool into his ass crack during the tongue fuck and spread the mucus with relish with the tip of his tongue.

The dude immediately recognized that the trans woman enjoyed the taste of a man's ass. The prostitute then started the anal intercourse without a condom, slowly but decisively pushing her stiff dick through his anus with the mushroom-shaped, now purple-red glans first.

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The Brazilian loves flip flop anal sex, so she gives the guy a sloppy blowjob using a lot of drool as foreplay

Suddenly she stops the fiery dynamic, her dark brown lovelance is guided out of its rear exit through both sphincters, whereby she reflexively continues to masturbate her horizontally protruding penis.

She worked off her first excitement through the impetuous anal copulation while standing; the Brazilian streetwalker temporarily used up some of her lust. She turns the blonde dude around in a semicircle so that both cocks face each other. Her erect penis is far longer and thicker than the other chap's willy, even though the guy is significantly superior to her in height and weight.

Without saying a word, she sinks to her knees and grabs his stiff dong with her right hand while constantly jerking her own whang while crouching with her remaining hand. First, the Brazilian taps his rigid dong on her outstretched tongue and fixes the guy with her gray-green eyes. Then she swallows his cock with a deep throat, choking. She repeatedly gags loads of drool onto his phallus and his sparsely hairy balls during this slimy deepthroat.

Flip flop assfucking means fucking each other anally, so the busty tgirl wants to feel his cock in her ass

After about three minutes of deepthroating, she has had enough oral fun on his cock, massaging it with drool, and then she finishes the slimy blowjob. In no time, she is standing upright in front of the guy again, the pointed heels of her high-heeled boots scraping loudly on the stone slabs of the toilet.

She turns 180 degrees, shows her back to him, and pulls the string-like material of the thong in the crack of her butt to the side. The already practiced, pronouncedly opened rosette becomes visible, and the trans slut also smears her anus with saliva.

The trans slut is hungry for a flip-flop ass fuck and she looks at him demandingly over her shoulder: "Come on, handsome man, fuck my tight ass!"

The blonde dude doesn't have to be asked twice. A little clumsily, he holes his tool in her back entrance. A few fewer beers at the bar would probably have been advisable. Nevertheless, the young man bangs the tranny's asshole energetically, so that the South American tgirl has to hold on to the sink in the toilet room.
"Yeah, you strong stallion, fuck my asshole hard!" The trans hooker supports the anal copulation,

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The john cums from ass to mouth and the Brazilian prostitute swallows his sperm, but she wants more, she demands his pee

The Brazilian ladyboy clearly enjoys the bareback anal fucking, because she takes the initiative more and more by not just holding out her asshole, but instead slamming her firm, round ass towards him. As a result of their irrepressible dynamism, the guy becomes increasingly defensive, eventually stops his movements and the tranny drives her asshole back and forth over his boner.

The trans whore intuitively notices that the guy wants to cum. As a result, she pulls his willy out of her slippery asshole and awaits his ejaculation in the squatting blowjob position. The blonde guy shoots the entire load of sperm down her throat, partially inseminating her face, and the shemale babe swallows all of the slimy cum and enjoys licking her fingers clean.

With her mouth open and her tongue sticking out, she reveals to him that she has eaten all of his jizz.
"Give me your piss!"
"Come on, handsome man! Piss in my mouth!"
With a little effort, the guy manages to piss a stream of pee down the trans whore's throat after he ejaculates. Whereupon she also drinks the piss with delight.

(You can find another episode about street whores in the bars on St. Georg here: Public prostitution near main train station convince the intoxicated client in bar on Hansaplatz.)

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