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Fmm threesome including a john penetrates the blonde Filipino hooker from the rear while she sucks the second guy's dick only happens in the Thai whorehouse on Grosse Freiheit in HH

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sentiment_very_satisfied Thursday, June 20: Foursome group sex orgy (two shemales plus two potent guys) have fun sucking cocks, tongue fucking, including spit roast fuck, and mutual anal fucking without condom until ejaculation in mouth and face…A spit roast fuck is, of course, also an option in a foursome!

The clever visitor to the brothels in Hamburg's red light district knows that working days are the best days to visit a whorehouse. The hookers don't charge less money for their service during this time. However, because the supply is counteracted by a lower demand, the whores work more relaxed hours, which affects the quality.

In addition, events can take place that seem unthinkable during busy weekends. We report on exactly such an incident below. The prequel to the crazy sex orgy including the spitroast fuck in the middle of the Asian brothel Temptation developed banally and unspectacularly on a Wednesday between a john who visits this sex club very often and a Bangkok prostitute.

Customer: "Your tits are incredibly beautiful, Suni! I only visit St. Pauli and the Grosse Freiheit because of this great view. In this Thai brothel, I only have eyes for you."
Sunisa: "Thank you, you big, strong man! You're coming to the Temptation just because of me? Really?"
Customer: "Of course! I'm only here because of you!"
Sunisa: "Then we go upstairs to a private room. There, we can have fun together undisturbed."
Customer: "How much is it?"

Sunisa: "You have to buy a bottle of champagne for a measly one hundred and fifty bucks."
Customer: "That is enormously expensive."
Sunisa: "I thought you liked my big boobs."
Customer: "Of course! Hundred percent! But!"
Sunisa: "But? You buy a ridiculous bottle of champagne and I fulfill almost your every wish for an hour."
Customer: "Can I bang your beautiful tits?"

Sunisa: "You can do almost whatever you want in an hour. You can bang my boobs and even cum and shoot your load on my tits. I like a smashing titjob and I love hot jizz on my nipples."
Customer: "I can fuck your tits bareback?"
Sunisa: "You buy a bottle of champagne and the titty-fuck without a condom is included."
Customer: "All right then! I'll buy a bottle of champagne! I finally want to fuck your tits and I want to squirt my jizz all over your nipples!"
Sunisa: "Siriporn, the customer wants to buy a bottle of champagne."

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In the Oriental sex club on the Grosse Freiheit, the services of the exotic whores are charged with champagne

Spitroast group-sex banging in a Oriental cathouse in Hamburg
Two johns and a busty Filipina hooker have a one girl three-way including spitroast position at a Thai cathouse.

Equipped with a bottle of champagne under his arm, he enters the back stairs accompanied by the Bangkok whore. Arriving at the intermediate station on the first floor, they witness a grotesque spectacle that they cannot escape. A naked, obese guy is lying on a divan in the gallery that extends into the sex club's public bar area.

The dude's arms and legs stretched out wide in front of him. A naked, platinum blonde Filipino prostitute with an opulent boobs made of silicone is crouching on the spherical colossus. The proportions between the big dude and the barmaid are so absurd that the Asian whore seems heartbreakingly fragile.

On the gallery above the bar room, a platinum blonde Filipino hooker rides an obese chap with his cock in her cunt cowgirl style

The naked bodies do not remain inactive at all but move ecstatically. The mighty body of the large lump vibrates as if electrified by high voltage, and at the same time, the delicate prostitute bounces up and down on his stiff phallus.

Although the surprised viewers are no more than five meters away from the copulation and are in a state of shock, they are ignored by the acrobats. Adding to the absurd eye candy, the gaseous fumes from the fucking bodies are enormous, and the atmosphere stinks like a beast.

The corpulent dude and the stripper don't mind being watched while they pound public cowgirl style

"Shit, they don't see us? – I've never met the blonde Thai lady with the huge silicone knockers here. But the face looks familiar!" whispers the lad with the champagne.
"The bitch is stripping at Men's Paradise," Sunisa whines.

"Exactly! This is the stripper who does the Bangkok Plop! This phenomenal Filipino go-go dancer can open a beer bottle with her twat! That's true, isn't it?"
"That's exactly the bitch!"
"She also works as a whore?"
"The bitch always goes along with what there's a lot of money for!"

"What else is she doing?"
"Can you stop questioning me!"
"I'm sorry! What a disgusting corpulent chap! Do you smell that? How does that stink? A herd of pigs is nothing. - I know the guy. Who is that?" he adds.
"Let's just go outside," she says, urging him on.

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The corpulent dude prevents the whore from going with her client

"Just stop!" came a piercing voice. Both remain petrified and don't move after the stout chap takes over.
Fat dude: "You can only get through here if you pass the exam!"
Customer: "What exam?"
Fat guy: "Do you know what a spit roast is?"
Customer: "What is this stupid question?"
Fat guy: "I don't mean the food stuff!"
Customer: "So! I didn't know you could drink spit roast."

The overweight man makes the young john a lucrative offer for group sex in a fmm threesome

FMM Threesome gang bang in Asian brothel in HH St. Pauli
Spitroasted exotic whore with huge silicone tits enjoys during threesome gang bang in an exotic cathouse.

Fat guy: "Gosh! I'm talking about fucking the spitroast!"
Customer: "What is this sick shit?"
Fat guy: "A stiff cock bangs the cunt and one pounds the mouth. The spitroast is a banging position in group sex, especially a variant in gang bang. One bangs from behind and one pounds from the front, like two spits. Just fuck a spitroast!"
Customer: "With the same woman?"
Fat guy: "With the same woman."
Freier: "That's called a sandwich. Isn't it?"
Moppel: "Nope! The sandwich only involves anal and vaginal fucking."
Customer: "Interesting explanation! The spit-roast fuck works in threesome. Then we settled the matter!"
Fat guy: "We're missing the second guy!"
Customer: "Thanks very much! I don't do such smuts."
Fat guy: "Five hundred bucks!"
Customer: "Five hundred bucks?"
Fat guy: "Here I have a five-hundred note in my hand. I'll pay you five hundred in cash immediately."
Customer: "You pay me five hundred bucks to bang a spit-roast with you and the beautiful exotic hooker?"

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The fatso offers a thousand bucks to take part in a three-way banging orgy in the Thai sex club

Fat guy: "You've got that right. So what now?"
Customer: "You're not quite right in the head!"
Fat guy: "So no? – Here, look here! I'm in a good mood today. I'll add this note."
Customer: "My God, that's a thousand bucks in total!"
Fat guy: "Yes, one thousand! You can put it in your pocket right now. All you have to do is unpack your cock, and the cute Thai girl will suck your cock. Gives you a first-class sloppy blowjob."
Stripper: "I'll suck your cock until you cum. Then I swallow every drop of your cum."
Customer: "That's a bad joke! What's the catch?"
Fat guy: "Why are you so suspicious? Just grab it."
Customer: "Do I understand the offer correctly? The blonde Oriental sucks my cock while you pound the pretty woman's cunt from behind, doggy style. You'll pay me a thousand bucks for that? You're paying me to participate in a group sex threesome?"

The john is greedy and demands the sum of 1,500 bucks for taking part in the fucking orgy

Fat guy: "You got that right! Are you in?"
Customer: "Let me think. – Money doesn't play a big role in your life. Apparently, you have stashed enough bucks in your pocket. I'll make an announcement: You add one more bank note, and I'm in. I'll then screw the blond beauty spit roast."
Fat guy: "You little greedy bastard!"
Customer: "One thousand five hundred bucks or I'm gone!"
Fat guy: "I'll add a third note. So pocket the cash before I back down! – And now down with the pants! Enough chatter!"

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The exotic hooker from the whorehouse is upset, she wants to benefit financially from the spit-roast event

Sunisa: "And what about me? Should I watch the perverted mess?"
Customer: "No, darling! Of course, you take part."
Sunisa: "For free? I don't pound for free."
Fat guy: "Why that? The young man has already paid. Did you?"
Customer: "But one hundred percent! I had to pay 150 bucks for the bottle of champagne."
Fat guy: "Then everything is fine."
Sunisa: "Nothing is fine! He didn't pay for a spit roast banging."
Fat guy: "What did you pay for?"
Customer: "I wanted an hour of titfucking with cumming on her tits. I paid 150 bucks for it."
Fat guy: "A titfuck lasting an hour. Nice! Fucking a spit roast certainly doesn't take an hour."
Sunisa: "No! Fucking a spit roast doesn't work. He didn't pay for that, it's extra."
Stripper: "I'm the spit roast, not you!"

(The continuation of the story can be found here: Two guys organize a foursome pounding orgy in a brothel with exotic whores.)

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