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"Good evening, you speak to Lotus Escort, the sexy hostesses, the exclusive escort service for erotic home and hotel visits in Hamburg, Kiel and Lübeck, how can I help you?" Whispers Amporn.
"I would like to have booked an escort lady, an outcall sex worker, for a hotel visit at Admiralitätstrasse for the evening, let's say around 9 p.m., that is in around two hours, if there is still the possibility?"
"Yes, that can be set up without any problems, provided I can meet your special needs. Do you have any special requests?"
"I wish, please, that the escort lady, the call girl, wears a black corsage?"
"Yes, with pleasure, with matching lingerie: suspender belt, nylons and high heels?"
"Please, if that is possible?"
"Of course this can be done. I can send a blonde or brunette sex worker over to meet you in your hotel room?"
"I think the brunette lady corresponds more to my ideas."
"Are you happy, do you have other questions or are additional preferences important to you?"
"Um, yes, is the greek style, I mean is anal intercourse possible with the lady?"
"Kiano, the brunette call girl who could visit you, pampers you with fellatio, blowjob, and mammary intercourse, tit-job. she realizes vaginal and anal intercourse with a condom only, of course."
"Of course!"
"How many hours do you want? How long would you like to use Kiano's service?"
"Two hours. Two hours are enough".
"All right, very nice. I charge a fee of six hundred for two hours. Do you agree?"
"Wonderful, then I would like to ask you for your name, room number and the telephone number of the hotel room, please?"

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Outcall hooker Kiano visits a john in a hotel in downtown Hamburg in black lingerie

"Hello Kiano, you have a booking at 9 p.m. at Admiralitätstrasse in Hamburg Central in a luxury hotel for an expected stay of two hours. Can you please put on your conventional black lingerie, the client likes corsage, suspender belt and high heels?"
"Ok, as usual, mom only walks up to bed in pajamas and flip-flops to fuck. If she even wants to fuck with him anymore?"
"Obviously and great for us. The customer wants to fuck anal, probably without a condom."
"Classic, bareback anal fucking! Any perversions, that little bastard", Kiano says.
"Six hundred is the agreed fee. I will send you the address data via SMS. Yavuz will pick you up and escort you to the hotel."
"Thanks, I'll get in touch after the fucking."
"Bye, Kiano."
"Ciao, Amporn."

Escortlady Kiano explains her business idea to her driver

"Shall I wait for you?", Yavuz wants to know, while they reach the dead end of Admiralitätstrasse.
"No, not necessary, Yavuz. call me in ninety minutes. Anyone who can rent a room in this luxury hotel will be able to pay me straight away."
"If he changes his mind?"
"I don't come for nothing. Do I look like I'm being fooled?"
"That's not what I meant!"
"No chance! If I stand in front of the door, money is due. Otherwise I'll make a terror that the walls will shake."
"I'm sure."
"Pleasant! Call me in ninety minutes."
"Sure, I will."

Call girl Kiano walks into the luxury hotel for a fuck date

Kiano, wrapped in a canary-yellow leather coat, leaves the pearly white Touran in front of the sophisticated hotel complex. She walks to the hotel entrance with an exaggerated swing of her hips in ankle boots with extremely high heels. The concierge in merlot red livery and top hat helps her very courteously, opens the massive double door to the hotel lobby, and she blindly finds the way to the elevators. On the fifth floor, when she arrives at the customer's room door, a happy man in his fifties asks her to enter his hotel room.

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Escort lady Kiano gets excited in the customer's hotel room

"Hello darling, let's settle business matters right away," Kiano demands, while the bearded man is locking the door lock.
"Yes, of course", the well-fed, bald blond guy pulls six meticulously folded banknotes out of his bathrobe pocket.
"Thank you darling," she chirps, fishes for the banknotes and immediately stows them in her nougat brown handbag.
"Will you make me a drink, darling?" She asks, at the same time taking off her leather coat. She presents herself in jet-black lingerie: corsage with cherry-red ruffles, satin suspender belt, nylon stockings with raspberry-red seams and decorative lace, her feet enclosed in patent-black high-heeled peep-toe ankle boots. The well-formed breasts with the stiff nipples smile at the viewer, the female vulva is covered with a tiny piece of silk. She shoves a cigarette between her vermilion-red, full lips, plops rustic in an armchair next to the panorama window, lasciviously slaps her long, slender thighs over the right armrest and lights the cigarette, blows the smoke, after a clearly deep breath, towards the ceiling.
"What do you want?"
"A tonic with a dash of vodka."
"With pleasure."
While he is pouring the mixed drink he wants, Kiano discovers an MP3 player on the coffee table next to her seat and curiously browses the playlist.
"Oh mon dieu, chérie, do you like techno-punk?"
"No, no, that belongs to my ...", he swallows the rest.
"Hahahaha, your daughter, understand", he hands her the long drink.
Kiano selects the song of a Belgian punk band, immediately audible a crystal-clear, female singing voice swings through the smoky gas atmosphere, she enthusiastically supports the artist:
"[...]I'm totally lost
I'm pissed off like a wild sow
That's insane
That's insane[...]"

Call-girl Kiano offers her shaved cunt to the john to lick (cunnilingus)

Kiano feels an intoxicating euphoria in her perception without a transition. "Come to me, chérie, put the damn bathrobe away", he reacts as ordered.
She frantically gets rid of the matt black silk thong, spreads her legs, which are shimmering in black nylon. The genitals, freed from the pubic hair, open up, the delicate pink labia move apart and the clitoris clearly emerges. She throws her lower legs vigorously right and left over the armrests. With the toe of her right patent leather boot, she hits the cocktail glass on the table top, which defies gravity four meters horizontally and shatters against the wall. Unimpressed, she ignores the mishap, instead she offers the fat guy her shaved vagina.

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A john licks prostitute Kiano pussy gets a shower of piss on his face

"Do you like my clean shaved cunt?"
"Yes!" he stammers, embarrassed by the directness of her choice of words.
"Don't you like dirty talk, do you?"
"Yes, sure!" he gasps.
"You don't need to be ashamed, I want to be your wild sow today."
"I want to lick your cunt!" he bursts out.
"Yes, I like you that way! Kiss my hungry cunt, chérie, lick my aflame clit,” she demands snidely.
The stocky host sinks on his knees in front of the prostitute, touches her vulva with his bearded mouth. Kiano does not like this awesome reluctance, bursting with strength, she wraps his bald head with her right thigh and lower leg, squeezes him, wants to force him to ignite her passion more vigorously. The bald-headed beard man accepts the urgent request, increases her pleasure from second to second, digs through her genitals with his tongue muscle. To confirm her ecstatic shamelessness, the rampant prostitute ruthlessly digs her coffee-brown fingernails into his shaved scalp, screeching with all her might: "Oh, lick my cunt, chérie, your whiskers between my legs make me incredibly horny, I'll cum," she predicts.
The colossus acknowledges the prediction with impressively eager tongue acrobatics, the rising dampness of her vagina fires him on.
"Yes, that's exactly right, show me how you can spoil a woman. I'm going to squirt on you!", she roars out her horniness, a warm jet of piss suddenly pours onto his face while the singer screams infernally. Kiano's upper body rumbles backwards into the back padding, she opens the headlock, loosens the grip of her thighs, and pushes the surprised john's upper body to the ground.
"Now you have also gained experience with my hot pee," she mocks him.
Disgusted, overwhelmed and satisfied at the same time, the pissed suitor rumbles onto the wet carpet. Temporarily exhausted, Kiano lights another cigarette, searches and finds her tiny pair of panties, a thong, dresses fully, grabs her purse, amusedly watching the john covered with her pee.
”Au revoir ma chérie", she sums up and dynamically withdraws from the hotel room.

An old widower orders an escort lady for an erotic home visit

"Good evening, you speak to Lotus Escort, the sexy hostesses, the exclusive escort service for erotic home and hotel visits in Hamburg, Kiel and Lübeck, how can I help you, Amporn croaks into the microphone around midnight," suitably exhausted.
"Yes, hello, I would like to meet dear Minty, please."
"In Ahrensburg?" Amporn raises the question, as she can precisely classify the raspy male voice.
"Yes, right, in Ahrensburg. You already know me?" the voice explains sheepishly: "as usual, please."
"Two hours of erotic home visits with clothes fitting?"
"Yes, thank you for your understanding."
”That results in a fee of six hundred for two hours plus fifty for the journey to Ahrensburg. Do you agree?"
"Yes, please, I'll pay for that."

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The old customer doesn't want sex, he just wants to chat

"Hello Amporn, what's up so late?" Minty sighs sleepily.
"Your grandpa from Ahrensburg booked you for two hours."
"Oh no, not again."
"I don't know what your problem is? He never wants to fuck, just talk, you say yourself. There's no easier way to earn money."
"I'm disgusted, he wants me to wear his late wife's clothes."
"And? You can shower afterwards! – I can send Sami to him, she likes to do a little bit of a fashion show for a lot of money."
"Sami, never! When do I have to be in Ahrensburg?”
"You can take your time, I agreed on four o'clock."
"I'm ready."
"The old man has to pay you six hundred for two hours plus fifty for the fare. Yavuz drives you and waits for you."
"I understood."
"As soon as you're on your way back, please get in touch, Minty."

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