Two sex workers from the street prostitution in Hamburg St. Georg suck and fuck a guy in a beer bar

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In the Rita, the tavern at the corner of Hansaplatz and Ellmenreichstrasse in Hamburg St.Georg, a favorite haunt of street whores, the sour aroma of fresh vomit, a blend from pre-digested beer and chewed dumplings, formerly filled with sheep cheese, pogaca, creeps down the stairs to the lower ground floor. The stink of this junk mixes there with the bluish cigarette smoke and the unsavory, gaseous excretions of the drunkards at the pitiful wooden counter, behind which the chubby Thage has been doing the day shift since six o'clock in the morning. Instead of breakfast, he refueled a number of Astra Urtyp and fig vodka, so that his level of alcohol with the pronounced cross-eyed viewing seduces the customers into thinking that the innkeeper is dead drunk.

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Those present in the Rita do not spend the early morning sober

His bloated body pauses on his greasy forearms, which are defaced with prison tattoos, and he stares impassively from the basement hole into the distance. On the left, leaning against the wood paneling, Edgar dawns, with disheveled hair on the fiery red turnip. In front of it, the emaciated Sinica sways alarmingly in the drug intoxication, a broomstick in her hands, in a window niche. She fantasizes, reinforced by the impressions of the light effects and the electronic background noise of a slot machine, an absurdity.

A stoned guest threw up in front of the pub entrance

"Did you notice that? How he ran out of the Rita?", Cengiz hoots, inhaling the intoxicating smoke gases from a joint with relish.
"Nah, I'm totally blind!" Grunts Thage, staring motionless," Complete idiot! Why are you letting that guy smoke off your weed?"
"Spoilsport! Don't make such a fuss, Thage!" Bleats Edgar from the bar corner out of his half-sleep.
"Shit, Cengiz! The bastard pukes me in front of the entrance! Nobody wants to come in anymore!" Says Thage.
"Tip a bucket of water over it and it's good," explains Edgar, toasting Cengiz thoroughly drunk.

Two street whores from the red light district near the main train station drag a wealthy client into the Rita

"Yuck! What kind of mess is that?" Screeches Boobs-Mila, who, accompanied by the Skinny and a John, wades through the strangled stomach contents.
"Get rid of the vomit, fat boy!" She grumbles.
"Shut your dirty mouth!" Shouts Thage back.
"Come on, let's go into the back room!" Demands Rengin. The three night owls hide in a seat box in the partitioned room.
"Three schnapps and cherry juice!" Boobs-Mila orders loudly.
"Yes, I'll do that in a minute!" The fat man accepts.

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The two whores streaking in St. Georg streets ensnare the intoxicated suitor in the catacombs of the bar at Hansaplatz, baiting him with bareback blowjob

"Well, you horny fucker! Tell us what cool stuff you have in your pants?" With these words, The Skinny shamelessly digs the john's cock and hairy scrotum out of his pants, and his dick immediately sticks out straight into the air.
"Look at that dick! The decent cock wants to cum one hundred percent in your sweet mouth, Rengin!", Milana chuckles.
"Should I suck you with my mouth and tongue to cum? I can suck your fat cock all bareback?", Rengin studies the John provocatively, plays with her fingers on his foreskin, heats the purple glans to a full erection and kneads the balls.
"Yes!" Croaks the John timidly.
"And? But there is still something missing!", Milana roars briskly.
"What happened? Oh!" The John copes with embarrassment, hastily leafing a bank note on the bar table. Milana claws the greenback and trots to the counter.

The fat barman Thage wants to prevent the fuck

"Now listen! You don't fuck the guy in the back room!" Thage dictates.
"Don't get upset, fat boy! I'm sure you'll get your share." Boobs-Mila grabs the drinks.
"I've got enough trouble as it is. I don't want that shit here," the barman remains unimpressed.
"You get fifty. – Aren't I nice?" counters Boobs-Mila.
"A quarter hour! Nothing more, then you're gone! Cops come in, I have no idea."
"You're a darling, fat boy!"

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The Skinny unwraps the punter's genitals and jerks off his cock

In the meantime, the Skinny has neatly exposed the hairy body of the John, the pleased man in turn groans with delight and dilated pupils, while the limbs of her hands race up and down the extremely erect phallus. Boobs-Mila, protected from unwelcome curiosity by the wooden privacy screen, removes her miniskirt over the hips and the panties to the side, presents the smoothly shaved vagina in front of the lad's face, who likes to grab hold of it without further ado.

Tits Mila squeezes even more money out of the John

"Hands off, man!" Boobs-Mila rumbled, the John promptly winced.
"If you want to touch my cunt, you have to pay more money!"
Awkwardly, since he was completely drunk, the John fingers another hundred from his wallet.
"Now you may lick my cunt! Keep your fingers away!" Boobs-Mila presses her completely shaved pussy over his mouth and nose. Meanwhile, the Skinny is constantly jerking his cock, which has become limp in the meantime.

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The suitor licks Boobs-Mila's shaved cunt

Tits Mila really gets going. She clasps his skull in both hands, pressing his head even harder into her hot lap. The suitor gasps for breath, but his tongue greedily digs between her stretched labia. Both moan with lust, while the Skinny witnesses this spectacle, mechanically masturbating the meanwhile stiff cock.

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